Từ vựng luôn là ” nỗi lo sợ lớn”  của các bạn khi học IELTS. Đừng lo MES sẽ giúp các bạn tổng hợp các từ vựng từ cơ bản đến nâng cao theo chủ đề để giúp các bạn chinh phục từng bài thi.

Dưới đây là 99 từ vựng cơ bản nhất thường gặp trong IETLS Reading, được MES chắt lọc và tổng hợp từ những cuốn sách hay nhất. Không nhưng giúp bạn đẩy nhanh tốc độ làm bài thi IELTS Reading, nó còn là sự bổ trợ tuyệt vời cho phần thi IELTS Listening. Giúp các bạn ” chém gió thành bão”  trong kỳ thi IELTS Speaking và tự tin chinh phục bài thi IELTS Writing luôn đó.

STT Từ vựng Dịch nghĩa Ví dụ



be sick and tired of


phát sốt, mệt mỏi vì

I’m sick and tired of doing nothing but work. Let’s go out tonight and have fun.


bend over backwards cố gắng hết sức He bent over backwards to please his new wife, but she never seemed satisfied.




bite off more than one can chew


chịu trách nhiệm cho nhiều người

John is so far behind in his studies. Besides classes, he plays sports and works at a part-time job. It seems he has bitten off more than he can chew.





không có tiền

I have to borrow some money from my Dad. Right now, I’m broke.



change one’s mind


thay đổi phương pháp làm

I was planning to work late tonight, but I changed my mind. I’ll do extra work on the weekend instead.
6 Cut it out! dừng lại, đừng làm That noise is really annoying.

Cut it out!




drop someone a line


gửi thư, email cho ai đó

It was good to meet you and I hope we can see each other again. Drop me a line when you have time.


figure something out  

hiểu vấn đề

I don’t understand how to do this problem. Take a look at it. Maybe you can figure it out.



fill in for someone


làm thay ai đó

While I was away from the store, my brother filled in for me.
10 in ages trong thời gian dài Have you seen Joe recently? I haven’t seen him in ages.


give someone a hand  

giúp đỡ

I want to move this desk to the next room. Can you give me a hand?
12 hit the hay đi ngủ, nghỉ ngơi It’s after 12 o’clock. I think it’s time to hit the hay.



in the black

lãi, lợi nhuận kinh doan Our business is really improving. We’ve been in the black all year.





in the red


thua lỗ

Business is really going poorly these days. We’ve been in the red for the past three months.



in the nick of time


không quá muộn

I got to the drugstore just in the nick of time. It’s a good thing because I really need this medicine!



keep one’s chin up


tiếp tục cố gắng

I know things have been difficult for you recently, but keep your chin up. It will get better soon.


know something

like the back of your hand


hiểu biết

If you get lost, just ask me for directions. I know this part of town like the back of my hand



once in a while


thỉnh thoảng

Have you been to the new movie theater? No, only see movies once in a while I usually stay home and watch TV.





chính xác, đúng giờ

I’ll meet you at 9 o’clock sharp. If you’re late, we’ll be in trouble!



sleep on it

suy nghĩ trước khi làm gì đó That sounds like a good deal, but I’d like to sleep on it before I give you my final decision.



take it easy


thư giãn

I don’t have any special plans for the summer. I think I’ll just take it easy.



to get the ball rolling


bắt đầu một thứ gì đó đặc biệt

We need to get this project started as soon as possible. I’m hoping you will help me get the ball rolling.



up to the minute


thông tin gần đây

I wish I knew more about what is happening in the capital city. We need more up to the minute news.
24 Twenty four/seven 24 trên 7 You can access our website 24/7. It’s very convenient!
25 about to (do


điểm chính trong cái

gì đó

I was about to leave when the phone rang.


according to (someone or


theo như ai đó/ cái gì đó According to our teacher, there will be no class next week. We did everything according to the terms of our agreement.




account for (something)  

như đã nói

The bad weather accounts for the fact that few people came to the meeting.
28 after all sau tất cả You don’t need to phone him.

After all, he never phones you.




as a matter of fact


thực ra

As a matter of fact, we have been to the history museum many times.
30 as far as theo như tôi biết As far as I know the movie will start in a few minutes.
31 as for liên quan đến As for me, I think that I will return home now.
32 as if như thể The drink tastes as if it were made with orange juice.
33 as long as miễn là As long as you promise to be careful, you can borrow my car.
34 as soon as possible sớm nhất có thể When I phoned my friend as soon as I finished dinner.
35 as to như là As to your question, I will answer it tomorrow.
36 as well cũng I plan to take a computer course this summer as well.
37 as well as cũng như Please bring your swimming suit as well as your towel.



back and forth


mỗi lúc một cách

The argument went back and forth before the judge made a decision.



better off

trong một tình huống tốt hơn trước My friend would be better off if he sold his old car and bought a new one.
40 break down (something) phá vỡ cái gì đó We tried to break down the problem for further study.
41 break up chia lìa, chia tay Nobody wanted to break up their groups.



by the way


nhân tiện

By the way, could you please bring your laptop computer tomorrow.


carry out (something)  

để làm gì đó

The scientist wanted to carry out several experiments before discussing the new medicine.





come up


xảy ra bất ngờ

I will not be able to go to the party if something else comes up.


come up with (something) để sản xuất ra một ý tưởng, một câu trả


I tried to come up with a name for the new magazine.
46 deal with


đối phó với 1 cái gì


We will deal with the boxes tomorrow.


end up (doing something or going


để làm một cái gì đó không trong kế


We ended up going to a restaurant after the movie last night.


figure out (someone or something) cố gắng hiểu một ai đó, hoặc làm một

cái gì đó

I finally figured out how to use the new DVD player.
49 fill in (something) viết hoặc điền vào

chỗ trống

Please fill in this form and give it to the receptionist.


find out (something) tìm hiểu hoặc khám phá một cái gì đó My mother is angry at me because she found out that I had quit my French class



first of all


điều đầu tiên

First of all we prepared the garden and then we planted the seeds.



for good


vĩnh viễn

The city will close the public swimming pool for good next week.
53 for sure không bị nghi ngờ I will go to the movie with you for sure next week.
54 get back to (something) trở lại một cái gì đó I was happy to get back to my work after my holiday.



get into (something)


quan tâm hoặc tham gia vào cái gì đó

I do not want to get into an argument with my friend. We will get into the details of the plan tomorrow.



get into (somewhere)


vào một nơi nào đó

My friend wants to get into a good university. I bumped my head as I was getting into the car.
57 get out of (somewhere) rời khỏi một nơi nào


I want to hurry up and get out of my house.
58 get rid of (something) vứt bỏ một thứ gì đó I bought a new television set so I want to get rid of the old one.


59 get through (something) vượt qua một thứ gì


I have much reading that I must get through before tomorrow.
60 go ahead bắt đầu làm một cái

gì đó

Let`s go ahead and start now. We can`t wait any longer.
61 go on tiếp tục The game will probably go on for an hour after we leave.



go over (something)

kiểm tra, xem xét một cái gì đó The accountant will go over the books tomorrow. We plan to go over that question tomorrow.


go through (something) thảo luận về một cái gì đó The teacher decided to go through the exercise before the test.



go with (something)

chọn một thứ chứ không phải thứ khác We decided to go with the small rental car rather than the large one.


hang out (somewhere/with someone)  

dành thời gian giải trí với bạn bè

Recently my friend has been hanging out with a group of people who are not a good influence on him.


have (something) to do with (something) liên quan đến một chủ đề gì đó The book has something to do with cooking but I am not sure if you will like it
67 hold on chờ một chút, giữ


Please hold on for a minute while I lock the window.



in a way

ở một mức độ nhất định In a way, I want to go to the new restaurant but in a way, I don`t really care.
69 in case nếu có chuyện gì đó

xảy ra

I will take my umbrella in case it rains.
70 in common được chia sẻ cùng


I had nothing in common with the other members of the class.
71 in detail đưa ra chi tiết từng


The saleswoman explained the new product in detail.



in effect


về cơ bản

The man’s silence was in effect a way of disagreeing with the other people in the meeting.



in fact


sự thật là

The man has been to China before. In fact, he has been there three times.


in favor of (someone or something) phê duyệt hoặc hỗ trợ ai đó Everybody is in favor of the new police chief. My company is not in favor of changing our  holiday schedule.





in general

trong hầu hết tình huống In general, most of the people in our apartment are happy with the new manager.



in order to


mục đích của

They have decided to close down the school for the summer in order to do some major repairs.



in other words


theo một cách khác

In other words, if you do not finish the assignment by Wednesday, you will not pass the course.



in place

ở một vị trí thích hợp Everything in the room was in place when we arrived for the meeting.



in some ways


theo một số cách

In some ways, I know what my friend wants but in some ways, I do not.



in terms of (something)


liên quan đến cái gì đó

In terms of our agreement with the other company we were not allowed to sell the products online.
81 in time đủ sớm I did not come home in time to meet my cousin.


keep (someone or something) in mind để nhớ và suy nghĩ về ai đó I told my coworkers to keep the new starting time for work in mind.
83 kind of phần nào, vừa phải I was kind of tired when I arrived home last night.


look for (something) tìm kiếm một cái gì đó My friend has been looking for her credit card all morning but she couldn`t find it.



look up (something)


tìm kiếm cái gì đó

I will look up my friend’s name in the telephone book. I looked up the word in the dictionary.



make a difference


gây ra sự thay đổi

It does not make a difference whether our boss comes to the meeting or not.
87 make sense có vẻ hợp lý His new proposal really does make sense.





make sure


chắc chắn

I want to make sure that my friend is going to meet me tomorrow.
89 more or less nhiều hơn hoặc ít


I more or less have decided to study business next year.



no matter


không vấn đề gì

No matter how hard that I try, my piano teacher is never satisfied.
91 not at all tất nhiên không I am not at all happy with my new computer.
92 of course tất nhiên Of course you can use my car if you want to.



on the other hand


tuy nhiên, ở mặt khác

He is very intelligent but on the other hand he is very lazy and always gets low marks at school.
94 on time đúng giờ Our train arrived exactly on time.
95 once again một lần nữa I tried once again to phone my boss at his home
96 open to (something) để có thể dễ dàng Most members of the class were open to the teacher’s ideas.



pick up (something)


nhận một cái gì đó

I will pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow. I picked up a copy of the newspaper at the station.


point out (someone or something)  

chỉ ra cái gì đó

My teacher was very kind when she pointed out the mistakes that I had made.



put out (something)

sản xuất hoặc làm ra một cái gì đó The company puts out a newsletter every month for the employees.
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