Bài viết này MES xin được chia sẻ với các bạn 1 cuốn “sổ tay” những từ vựng thường xuất hiện trong bài Reading cũng như những từ đồng nghĩa để các bạn làm tự tin hơn với kỹ năng này nhé!

STT Từ Vựng                         Nghĩa Ví dụ trong bài thi
1 Auditory (adj) – Visual (adj) Liên quan đến thính giác – liên quan đến thị giác Such chemical communication can be compared to the human use of visual and auditory channels to arouse and propagate moods and attitudes. [Ant intelligence]
2 Scarce (adj) – Scarcity (n) Khan hiếm How the problem of land scarcity has been overcome in the past [Space]
3 Urge (n) To urge s.o to do sth Urgent (adj) Sự thúc giục Thúc giục ai đó làm gì đó Cấp bách …a student can ignore the limbic urge to socialise and go to sleep early instead. [The triune brain]
Enormous (adj) ≈ Huge (adj) ≈ Massive (adj) ≈ Lớn These may grow toward the ceiling to form column of massive proportions. [Caves]
5 Fascinating (adj) ≈ very interesting Fascination (n) Rất thú vị / kì thú And these positive relationships are the starting point for our fascination with collecting objects. [Why do people collect things]
6 Astonishing (adj) ≈ very surprising Astonishment (n) Rất đáng ngạc nhiên Instead, to his astonishment, he dug up artefacts, which appeared to belong to a 2500-year-old museum. [Why do people collect things]
7 Inevitable (adj) ≈ unavoidable ≈ bound to happen Chắc chắn sẽ xảy ra/ Không thể tránh khỏi / Hiển nhiên sẽ tới Such is our dependence on fossil fuels, and such is the volume of carbon dioxide already released into the atmosphere, that many expers agree that significant global warming is now inevitable[Reducing the Effects of Climate Change]
8 Comparable to/in (adj) ≈ Equivalent to (adj) Tương đương It should be noted that the two groups of children had been carefully matched by the investigators so that they were comparable in age, ethnicity, race and social class. [Effects of noise]
9 Precious (adj) Quý giá As a precious and protable commodity, salt has long been a cornerstone of economies throughout history. [The history of salt]
10 Suspicious (adj) Gây nghi ngờ Firstly, the very idea of documentary film made some people suspicious[Making documentary films]
11 Sceptical (adj) / Skeptical (adj) Hoài nghi In 2005, a survey by Klaus Vanselow and Klaus Ricklefs of sperm whale strandings in the North Sea even found a correlation between these and the sunspot cycle, and suggested that changes in the Earth’s magnetic field might be involved. But others are sceptical[Whale strandings]
12 Underlying (adj) Cơ bản But the underlying mathematical theories of radar and sonar are very similar, … [Let’s go bats]
13 Infectious (adj) ≈ Contagious (adj) (bệnh) lây nhiễm At the same time, thousands of people across Europe were dying of the plague, a highly contagious and deadly disease. [Nutmeg – a valuable spice]
14 Prone to (adj) Khả năng cao sẽ bị (gì đó) Perhaps one of the most obvious examples of this idea is malaria-prone areas, which are usually tropical regions that foster a warm and damp environment… [The intersection of health sciences and geography]
15 Vulnerable to (adj) ≈ Susceptible to (adj) Dễ bị ảnh hưởng bởi … as they work to find a way to halt the further spread or re-emergence of diseases in vulnerable populations [The intersection of health sciences and geography]
16 Adept at + n/Ving <  Excel at + n/ving Thạo / Giỏi chuyện gì đó Bilingual people often excel at tasks such as this, … [The benefits of being bilingual]
17 Renowned (adj) ≈ Prominent (adj) ≈ Well-known (adj) Nổi tiếng English football was as rough as ever, but it found a prominent supporter in the school headmaster Richard Mulcaster. [The origins of football]
18 Lucrative (adj) ≈ Profitable (adj) Có khả năng sinh lời Demand for this exotic fabric eventually created the lucrative trade route now known as the Silk Road… [The story of silk]
19 Devastating (adj) ≈ Severe (adj) Second, rainforest fragments dry out when surrounded by dry, hot pastures and the resulting drought can have devastating consequences … [Tree in trouble]
20 Exclusive (adj) Throughout this period, the Arabs were the exclusive importers of the spice to Europe. [Nutmeg – a valuable spice]
21 Simultaneous (adj) Cùng một lúc However, Thomas Lehman, a researcher in Psychology, believes people never really do multiple things simultaneously[How well do we concentrate?]
22 Spontaneous (adj) The type of play we are interested in is child-initiated, spontaneous and unpredictable [The importance of children’s play]
23 Durable (adj) Plaques have been found to be extremely durable  and have an almost indefinite life expectancy. [English heritage blue plaques scheme 2]
24 Deliberate (adj) ≈ Intentional (adj) Có chủ đích / cố tình Durrand’s team eventually concluded that the villa had been deliberately destroyed.
25 Moist (adj) ≈ Humid (adj) ≈ Damp (adj) In some the larger kelps, this coating is not only to keep the plant moistbut also … [Seaweeds of New Zealand]
26 Oblidged to Vo (adj) Obligation (n) Bắt buộc Documentary filmmakers have an obligation to include their own opinions about… [Making documentary film]
27 Flood (n) Hurricane (n) Monsoon (n) Earthquake (n) Drought (n) Tidal waves (n) Lũ lụt Cuồng phong Gió mùa (đông bắc) Động đất Hạn hán Sóng thần Massive floods, long droughts, hurricanes and severe monsoons take their toll each year, destroying millions of tons of valuable crops. [Crop-growing skyscrapers]
28 Outbreak (n) < Epidemic (n) < Pandemic (n) Ví dụ dịch Corona: Khi chỉ ở Vũ Hán thì gọi là Outbreak Khi lan tỏa ra TQ và lân cận thì gọi là Epidemic Khi lan tỏa ra toàn cầu thì gọi là Pandemic
29 Revolution (n) – Revolutionary (adj) Cuộc cách mạng [The revolutionary bridges of Robert Maillart]
30 Territory (n) – Territorial (adj) Lãnh thổ … the reptilian brain offers up only the most basic impulses: aggression, mating, and territorial defence. [The triune brain]
31 Genre (n) Thể loại (nhạc, phim, sách…) … who argues that the genre can be traced back as early as 1895 … [Making documentary films]
32 Allergic reaction (n) Allergy (n) Dị ứng Bệnh dị ứng Their sting can cause a serious allergic reaction in some people and large outbreaks of them. [Jellyfish: A remarkable marine life form]
33 Category (n) To categorize (v) Thể loại Phân loại … and work to create a clear way of categorizing illnesses, diseases and epidemics … [The intersection of health sciences and geography]
34 Capacity (n) – Khả năng – Sức chứa … and a capacity to comprehend the ways of other people. [Volunteering]
35 Navigation (n) To navigate Định vị … they navigate by integrating bearings and distances, … [Ant intelligence]
36 Accountability (n) ≈ Responsibility (n) Khả năng chịu trách nhiệm cho chuyện gì đó But such projects must be built to higher specifications and with more accountability to local people … [Making every drop count]
37 Commodity (n) ≈ Merchandise (n) ≈ Cargo (n) Hàng hóa / Mặt hàng As a preciousand protable commodity, salt has long been a cornerstone of economies throughout history. [The history of salt]
38 Monopoly (n) Thế độc quyền The Dutch now had a monopoly over the nutmeg trade… [Nutmeg]
39 Prejudice (n) Định kiến …, but faced the challenge of overcoming the people’s prejudice against the plant. [The impact of potato]
40 Ailment (n) Vấn đề về sức khỏe … health benefits, and was thought to cure various ailments, such as indigestion. [Bringing cinnamon to Europe]
41 Rival (n) Đối thủ On one occasion, in 1872, the ship and a rival clipper, … [Cutty Sark]
42 Cornerstone (n) Nền móng As a preciousand protable commodity, salt has long been a cornerstone of economies throughout history. [The history of salt]
43 Exposure to sth (n) To expose sth to sth Tiếp xúc / Phơi (bày) Those shallow-water species able to resist long periods of exposure to sun and air are usually found on the upper shore, while those less able to withstand such exposure occur … [Seaweeds in New Zealand]
44 To dominate – Domination (n) Thống trị … when the Suez Canal opened and steam propulsion was replacing sail, clippers dominated world trade. [Cutty Sark]
45 To reproduce Sinh sản How seaweeds reproduce and grow [Seaweeds in New Zealand]
46 To alleviate ≈ To mitigate Làm dịu đi (1 vấn đề) …holding of stocks by governments can also help mitigate wild swings in food prices by alleviating uncertainties about market supply. [The risks agriculture faces in developing countries]
47 To resist sth Chống lại / kháng Those shallow-water species able to resist long periods of exposure to sun and air are usually found on the upper shore, while those less able to withstand such exposure occur … [Seaweeds in New Zealand]
48 To change ≈ To alter ≈ To adjust ≈ To modify Thay đổi / chỉnh sửa …yet most of us have had the experience of having to adjust to sleeping in the mountains… [Effects of noise]
49 To endure ≈ To withstand Chống chịu / chịu đựng Those shallow-water species able to resist long periods of exposure to sun and air are usually found on the upper shore, while those less able to withstand such exposure occur … [Seaweeds in New Zealand]
50 To dwindle Nhỏ lại / giảm đi In some parts of the world, populations of big trees are dwindling… [Trees in trouble]
51 To sth into account Cân nhắc chuyện gì đó The construction of the Falkirk Wheel site took into account the presence of a nearby ancient monument. [The Falkirk Wheel]
52 To copy ≈ To mimic (behavior) ≈ To replicate (product/process) ≈ To imitate (both) Bắt chước …the effects they can have on the world around them is provided when others mimic them. [Young children’s sense of identity]
53 To stimulate Kích thích …and depositing iron in the ocean to stimulate the growth of algae… [Reducing the Effects of Climate Change]
54 To eliminate Loại bỏ / loại trừ All the food could be grown organically, eliminating the need for herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. [Crop-growing skyscrapers]
55 To assemble Lắp ráp lại The various parts of The Falkirk Wheel were all constructed and assembled, … [The Falkirk Wheel]
56 To dismantle Tháo dỡ ra In the summer of 2001, the structure was then dismantled and transported… [The Falkirk Wheel]
57 To accumulate Tích trữ / tích lũy … was to have understood the need to accumulate intense radioactive sources, … [The life and work of Marie Curie]
58 To depict ≈ To illustrate Mô tả …, the film depicts the hard, sometimes heroic lives … [Making documentary films]
59 To abandon sth Bỏ đi Minutes later, Alice has abandoned the kingdom … [The importance of children’s play]
60 To facilitate sth Làm việc gì đó dễ hơn If playful experiences do facilitate this aspect of development… [The importance of children’s play]
61 To emerge Xuất hiện …about 65 million years ago were our ancestors able to emerge into the daylight in any substantial numbers. [Let’s go bats]
62 To cultivate – Cultivation (n) Trồng trọt canh tác …the Royal Society recommended the cultivation the tuber to the English government and the nation, … [The impact of the potato]
63 To irrigate – Irrigation (n) Tưới tiêu …clean water supplies, and provide water for irrigation and hydropower… [Making every drop count]
64 To soar – Soaring (adj) Tăng vọt Food production has kept pace with soaring populations… [Making every drop count]
65 To exploit – Exploitation (n) Khai thác All European forests are artificial, having been adapted and exploited by man for thousands of years. [Plans to protect the forests of Europe]
66 To exceed – Excess (n) – Excessive (adj) Vượt quá / quá mức …, during the 1990s, annual harvests were well in excess of 100 million, … [Endless Harvest]
67 To halt – Halt (n) Ngừng / dừng việc gì đó …biologist in a particular area can put a halt to fishing. [Endless Harvest]
68 Plausible (adj) ≈ Sensible (adj) Hợp lý In general, it is plausible to suppose that we should prefer peace and quiet to noise. [Effects of noise]
69 Sufficient (adj) ≈ Enough (adj) ≈ Adequate (adj) Đủ Just the knowledge that one has control is sufficient[Effects of noise]
70 Milestone (n) Cột mốc (trên 1 hành trình hoặc sự phát triển) The ability to recognise your reflection is considered an important milestone in infant development… [Robots with a sense of self]
71 To manipulate ≈ To control Điều khiển / chi phối This should help them carry out tasks such as manipulating objects… [Robots with a sense of self]
72 To enhance sth ≈ To improve sth Cải thiện / tăng cường, nâng cao …such research could ultimately enhance our understanding of cognitive development in infants. [Robots with a sense of self]
73 Trait (n) ≈ Feature (n) ≈ Characteristic (n) ≈ Property (n) ≈ Attribute (n) Đặc điểm / Đặc tính …linguistic differences don’t really matter, that language is a universal human trait, … [You are what you speak]
74 Universal (adj) Phổ biến khắp mọi nơi hoặc tất cả mọi người …linguistic differences don’t really matter, that language is a universal human trait, … [You are what you speak]
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