Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS Writing Task 2

MES sẽ giúp các bạn nâng band điểm Writing task 2 với các từ vựng siêu hữu ích cho band 7 trở lên ! 

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1. Startling – Very surprising, astonishing

– I was very happy to see their startling results.
– Her startling performance touched my heart.

2. Only child – Someone who has no sisters or brothers.

– She is an only child.
– It always saddens me when I see others siblings because I’m an only child.

3. Brutally – In a very cruel and violet way

– They had been brutally beaten.
– The old man had been brutally murdered..

4. Run-down – A building or area that is in poor condition.

– The office building was run-down, so the rents were low.
– They live in a run-down building.

5. Upside – Advantage / the positive part of a situation.

– It’s annoying that we can’t travel until Thursday.
– But the upside is that the tickets will be cheaper then.

6. Equivocate – To intensionally speak in a way that is unclear and confusing, especially to hide the truth.

– Stop equivocating!, express yourself clearly.
– He asked her once again about that matter and again she equivocated.

7. Apprehensive – Worried or frightened that something unpleasant may happen.

– I’m very apprehensive about tomorrow’s meeting.
– She was apprehensive that something might go wrong.

8. Grimly – In a very serious manner.

– “It won’t be easy,” she said grimly.
– “This isn’t good enough,” he said grimly.

9. Pop the question – To ask someone to marry you.

– When he popped the questions, I said yes.
– Do you think he is going to pop the questions?

10. Peer – Your peers are the people who are the same age as you or who have the same status as you.

– My son is much cleverer than his peers.
– You are doing better than your peers.

11. Frankly – In an honest, truth and direct way.

– She spoke very frankly about her experiences.
– Frankly, it doesn’t seem right to me.

12. Agitated – Very worried or upset.

– She seemed agitated about something.
– There’s no point in getting agitated.

13. Perplexed – Someone who is confused or shocked.

– If you were me, you would get perplexed too.
– I got perplexed when she came up to me.

14. Crafty – A clever or cunning person but dishonest as well.

– Beware of her, She is a  crafty old woman.
– Mr. Aman is a crafty lawyer, isn’t he?

15. Affable – Someone who is affable is friendly and easy to talk to.

– I am happy to have courteous and affable neighbors.
– She was quite affable at the meeting.

16. Salty – Bad-tempered and aggressive.

– She was salty because she had lost the game.
– Why are you being salty?

17. Agelast – A person who never laughs

– Why don’t you laugh on my jokes? You’re such an agelast person.
– Faisal is an agelast, he doesn’t laugh.

18. Petrified – Extremely frightened

– That petrified child clung to her mother.
– I’ve always been petrified of the dark.

19. Cross – Angry, annoyed or sad.

– Don’t be cross with me!
– The neighbors get cross whenever we visit them.

20. Peek – To look at something quickly and secretly.

– Don’t peek! lest they should notice you.
– They peeked at their father’s new car from behind the window curtains.

21. A dead ringer – If you say that one person is a dead ringer for another, you mean that the first person look exactly like the second.

– He is a dead ringer for his late father.
– He is tall, dark and a dead ringer for Robert.

22. Sack – To remove someone from a job.

– They sacked him for being late.
– She got sacked from her last job.

23. Revolting – Extremely unpleasant / disgusting.

– Picking your nose is a revolting habit.
– I’ve never eaten such revolting food!

24. Trendy – Someone or something which is trendy is very fashionable and modern.

– I enjoyed purchasing trendy clothes.
– These shoes are trendy and up to date.

25. Corpulent – If you describe someone as corpulent, you mean they are fat.

– This is a story about a corpulent gentleman.
– A corpulent farmer who worked regularly.

26. Gallant – Brave and heroic.

– A gallant child sacrificed his life for his country.
– I made a gallant effort to win the first medal.

27. Disposable – A product which is purchased with the intention of throwing it away after use.

– I purchased some disposable cups for the picnic.
– Don’t you have disposable plates to serve?

28. Sleepwalker – A person who gets out of bed and walks around while they are sleeping.

– One of my cousins was a sleepwalker.
– He snores during sleep and what’s more he’s a sleepwalker.

29. Have deep pockets – If a person has deep pockets, he/she has a lot of money.

– Bill and George have deep pockets.
– Are you talking about the person who has deep pockets?.

30. Prettify – to make something or something pretty.

– Bride’s room has been prettified.
– Prettify your body with this Shalwar-Kammez.

31. Belch – To release or emit gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth.

– Endymion can’t help belching, I hate him.
– She belched and the wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

32. Stick up for – To defend someone, especially when that person is being criticized.

– It’s sweet the way she sticks up for her siblings.
– You are supposed to be sticking up for me.

33. Big-headed – An arrogant person

– She is so big-headed.
– His boss was a big-headed person.

34. Penny-pincher – A person who is unwilling to send money.

– My husband is such a penny-pincher, he never takes me out for the dinner.
– One of my uncle is a penny-pincher.

35. Distinctive – Unique / different from others.

– She is got a very distinctive voice.
– Rehman biryani has its distinctive taste.

36. Slacker – A person who avoids work.

– You don’t deserve to be given promotion, Slacker!
– We need hard-working employees, not slackers.

37. Uncouth – Someone who is rude, noisy, and unpleasant.

– He was addressed as uncouth person.
– She thought he was loud-mouthed and uncouth.

38. Perilous – Full of danger or risk / extremely dangerous.

– We had a perilous journey!
– The roads were perilous and we had to be really careful on every bend.

39. Zillionaire – An extremely rich person.

– Someday I’ll be a zillionaire, just like a bill gates.
– Is Mark Zuckerberg a zillionaire?

40. Tear-jerker – A film, play, book that makes you cry.

– Bring a pile of tissues with you when you watch that tear-jerker film.
– I’ve never read such tear-jerker books.

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