a Description Part of Speech Meaning                  
ability noun: the physical or mental skill or qualities that you need to do something noun có khả năng                  
abroad adverb: in or to a foreign country adverb ở nước ngoài                  
absolutely adverb: completely adverb chắc chắn rồi     a            
accept verb: to agree to take something that is offered to you verb Chấp nhận                  
access noun: the right or opportunity to use or see something noun truy cập                  
accessible adjective: easy to find or reach adjective có thể truy cập                  
accident noun: something bad that happens that is not intended and that causes injury or damage noun Tai nạn                  
accommodate verb: to have enough space somewhere for a number of things or people verb chứa                  
accommodation noun: a place where you live or stay noun chỗ ở                  
accomplish verb: to succeed in doing something good verb hoàn thành                  
accomplishment noun: success in doing something good noun hoàn thành                  
according adjective: agreeing adjective theo                  
accordingly adverb: in a way that is suitable adverb phù hợp                  
accounting noun: the job of being an accountant noun kế toán                  
accurate adjective: correct or exact adjective chính xác                  
achieve verb: to succeed in doing something good, usually by working hard verb hoàn thành                  
acquire verb: to get something verb có được, thu được                  
act verb: to behave in a particular way verb hành động                  
actually adverb: used when you are saying what is the truth of a situation adverb thực ra                  
adapt verb: to change your behaviour so that it is suitable for a new situation verb phỏng theo                  
adapter noun: something that is used for connecting two or more pieces of electrical equipment to an electrical supply noun bộ điều hợp                  
additional adjective: extra to what already exists adjective bổ sung                  
adequate adjective: enough adjective đầy đủ                  
adjust verb: to change something slightly so that it works better, fits better, or is more suitable verb điều chỉnh                  
adjustment noun: a slight change that you make to something so that it works better, fits better, or is more suitable noun điều chỉnh                  
administration noun: the work of organizing and arranging the operation of something, such as a company noun quản trị                  
admire verb: to respect or approve of someone or something verb ngưỡng mộ                  
admit verb: to agree that you did something bad, or that something bad is true verb thừa nhận                  
admittance noun: permission to enter a place noun sự thừa nhận                  
advance noun: before a particular time noun nâng cao                  
advanced adjective: having developed or progressed to a late stage adjective nâng cao                  
advantage noun: something good about a situation that helps you noun lợi thế                  
advantageous adjective: helping to make you more successful adjective thuận lợi                  
advertise verb: to tell people about a product or service, for example in newspapers or on television, in order to persuade them to buy it verb Quảng cáo                  
advertisement noun: a picture, short film, song, etc that tries to persuade people to buy a product or service noun Quảng cáo                  
advice noun: suggestions about what you think someone should do or how they should do something noun khuyên bảo                  
advise verb: to make a suggestion about what you think someone should do or how they should do something verb khuyên nhủ                  
affect verb: to influence someone or something, or cause them to change verb có ảnh hưởng đến                  
afford verb: to have enough money to buy something or enough time to do something verb mua được                  
affordable adjective: cheap enough for most people adjective giá cả phải chăng                  
agency noun: a business that provides a service noun đại lý                  
agenda noun: a list of subjects that people will discuss at a meeting noun chương trình nghị sự                  
agree verb: to have the same opinion as someone verb đồng ý                  
agreeable adjective: pleasant or nice adjective dễ chịu                  
agreement noun: a promise or decision made between two or more people noun thỏa thuận                  
agricultural adjective: used for farming or relating to farming adjective nông nghiệp                  
aid noun: money, food, or equipment that is given to help a country or group of people noun viện trợ                  
aim noun: the purpose of doing something, and what you hope to achieve noun mục đích                  
airline noun: a company that provides regular flights to places noun hãng hàng không                  
aisle noun: a passage between the lines of seats or goods in a plane, church, supermarket, etc noun lối đi                  
alarm noun: a loud noise that warns you of danger noun báo thức                  
allow verb: to give someone permission for something verb cho phép                  
alternative noun: one of two or more things that you can choose between noun thay thế                  
ambitious adjective: wanting to be successful or powerful adjective đầy tham vọng                  
amend verb: to slightly change the words of a document verb sửa đổi                  
amount noun: how much there is of something noun số lượng                  
amusing adjective: making you laugh or smile adjective vui                  
analysis noun: the process of analysing something noun phân tích                  
analyze verb: US spelling of  analyse verb phân tích                  
announcement noun: something that someone says officially, giving information about something noun thông báo                  
annoying adjective: making you feel annoyed adjective làm phiền                  
annual adjective: happening or produced once a year adjective hàng năm                  
anticipate verb: to expect something, or to prepare for something before it happens verb đoán trước                  
anxious adjective: worried and nervous adjective lo lắng                  
apologize verb: to tell someone that you are sorry about something you have done verb xin lỗi                  
appeal noun: a request to the public for money, information, or help noun kháng cáo                  
appetizer noun: something that you eat as the first part of a meal noun Món khai vị                  
appliance noun: a piece of electrical equipment with a particular purpose in the home noun thiết bị                  
applicant noun: someone who asks for something officially, often by writing noun người nộp đơn                  
application noun: an official request for something, usually in writing noun ứng dụng                  
apply verb: to ask officially for something, often by writing verb ứng dụng                  
appoint verb: to officially choose someone for a job verb bổ nhiệm                  
appointment noun: a time you have arranged to meet someone or go somewhere noun cuộc hẹn                  
appreciable adjective: large or important enough to be noticed adjective đáng giá                  
appreciate verb: to understand how good something or someone is and be able to enjoy them verb đánh giá                  
appreciation noun: an understanding of how good something or someone is so that you are able to enjoy them noun sự đánh giá                  
appreciative adjective: showing that you understand how good something is, or are grateful for something adjective khen ngợi                  
apprentice noun: a person who is learning a job by working for someone who already has skills and experience noun học nghề                  
approach noun: a way of doing something noun tiếp cận                  
appropriate adjective: suitable or right for a particular situation or person adjective thích hợp                  
approve verb: to allow or officially agree to something verb phê duyệt                  
approximate adjective: not completely accurate but close adjective gần đúng                  
arbitrate verb: to officially help to solve an argument between two people or groups verb phân xử                  
area noun: a region of a country or city noun khu vực                  
argue verb: to speak angrily to someone, telling them that you disagree with them verb tranh luận                  
argument noun: an angry discussion with someone in which you both disagree noun tranh luận                  
arrange verb: to make the necessary plans and preparations for something to happen verb sắp xếp                  
arrangement noun: plans for how something will happen noun sắp xếp                  
assemble verb: to join other people somewhere to make a group, or to bring people together into a group verb tập hợp                  
assess verb: to make a judgment about the quality, size, value, etc of something verb đánh giá                  
assets noun: items of ownership convertible into cash; total resources of a person or business, as cash, notes and accounts receivable, securities, inventories, goodwill, fixtures, machinery, or real estate noun tài sản                  
assign verb: to give someone a particular job or responsibility verb chỉ định                  
assignment noun: a piece of work or job that you are given to do noun nhiệm vụ                  
assist verb: to help verb hỗ trợ                  
assistance noun: help noun hỗ trợ                  
assume verb: to think that something is likely to be true, although you have no proof verb giả định                  
attach verb: to join or fix one thing to another verb đính kèm                  
attachment noun: a feeling of love or strong connection to someone or something noun tập tin đính kèm                  
attend verb: to go to an event verb tham gia                  
attendance noun: the number of people who go to an event, meeting, etc noun sự tham dự                  
attentively adverb: listening carefully adverb chăm chú                  
attract verb: to make people come to a place or do a particular thing by being interesting, enjoyable, etc verb thu hút                  
audience noun: the people who sit and watch a performance at a theatre, cinema, etc noun thính giả                  
audit noun: an examination of all the financial records of a company by an independent person in order to produce a report noun kiểm toán                  
authority noun: the official power to make decisions or to control other people noun thẩm quyền                  
authorize verb: to give official permission for something verb cho phép                  
availability noun: the fact that something can be bought, used, or reached, or how much it can be noun khả dụng                  
available adjective: If something is available, you can use it or get it adjective có sẵn                  
avoid verb: to stay away from a person, place, situation, etc verb tránh                  
awareness noun: the mental state of knowing about something noun nhận thức                  
awkward adjective: difficult or causing problems adjective lúng túng                  
background noun: Sounds in the background are not the main sounds you can hear noun lý lịch                  
backpack noun: a bag that you carry on your back noun ba lô                  
baggage claim noun: the place in an airport where you get your cases and bags when you arrive after flying noun nhận hành lý                  
balance noun: the state of having your weight spread in such a way that you do not fall over noun cân đối                  
bank noun: an organization or place where you can borrow money, save money, etc noun ngân hàng                  
bankrupt adjective: unable to continue in business because you cannot pay your debts adjective phá sản                  
barcode noun: ?a small rectangular pattern of thick and thin black lines printed on a product, or on its container, so that the details of the product can be read by and recorded on a computer system noun mã vạch                  
bargain noun: something that is sold for less than its usual price or its real value noun mặc cả                  
basic adjective: being the main or most important part of something adjective căn bản                  
behave verb: to do or say things in a particular way verb hành xử                  
belongings noun: the things that you own noun đồ đạc                  
beneficial adjective: helpful or useful adjective có lợi                  
benefit noun: something that helps you or gives you an advantage noun lợi ích                  
beverage noun: a drink noun đồ uống                  
bid noun: an attempt to achieve something noun BID                  
bill noun: a piece of paper that tells you how much you must pay for something you have bought or for a service you have used noun hóa đơn                  
binder noun: a strong cover for holding pieces of paper together noun chất kết dính                  
blanket noun: a thick, warm cover that you sleep under noun cái mền                  
block noun: a solid piece of something, usually in the shape of a square or rectangle noun khối                  
board noun: a long, thin, flat piece of wood noun bảng                  
boarding pass noun: a card that a passenger must have in order to be allowed to get on an aircraft or a ship noun thẻ lên máy bay                  
boardroom noun: a room where the people who control a company or organization have meetings noun hội đồng quản trị                  
boast verb: to talk with too much pride about what you have done or what you own verb khoe khoan                  
book noun: a set of pages fastened together in a cover for people to read noun sách                  
boost noun: something that makes you feel more confident and happy, or that helps something increase or improve noun tăng                  
bored adjective: feeling tired and unhappy because something is not interesting or because you have nothing to do adjective chán                  
borrow verb: to use something that belongs to someone else and give it back later verb vay                  
bother verb: to annoy someone by trying to get their attention when they do not want to see you or talk to you verb làm phiền                  
bottom line noun: the final line in the accounts of a company or organization, stating the total profit or loss that has been made noun cuối cùng dòng                  
branch noun: one of the many parts of a tree that grows out from its trunk (= main, vertical part) noun chi nhánh                  
brand noun: a product that is made by a particular company noun nhãn hiệu                  
briefcase noun: a flat, rectangular case with a handle for carrying documents, books, etc noun vali                  
briefing noun: a meeting when people are given instructions or information noun cuộc họp                  
broadcast noun: a television or radio programme noun phát sóng                  
broaden verb: to increase or make something increase and include more things or people verb nới rộng                  
browser noun: a computer program that allows you to look at pages on the Internet noun trình duyệt                  
brush noun: an object made of short, thin pieces of plastic, wire, etc fixed to a handle and used to tidy hair, to clean, to paint, etc noun chải                  
budget noun: a plan that shows how much money you have and how you will spend it noun ngân sách                  
bulletin noun: a short news programme on television or radio noun bản tin                  
cabin crew noun: in an aircraft, the people whose job it is to take care of the passengers noun phi hành đoàn                  
cafeteria noun: a restaurant where you collect and pay for your food and drink before you eat it noun quán cà phê                  
calculate verb: to discover an amount or number using mathematics verb tính toán                  
calculation noun: the use of mathematics to discover a number or amount noun phép tính                  
calculator noun: a piece of electronic equipment that you use to do mathematical calculations noun máy tính                  
campaign noun: a series of organized activities or events intended to achieve a result noun chiến dịch                  
cancel verb: to say that an organized event will not now happen verb hủy bỏ                  
cancellation noun: the act of stopping something that was going to happen or stopping an order for something noun huỷ bỏ                  
candidacy noun: the fact of being a candidate in an election noun ứng cử                  
candidate noun: one of the people taking part in an election or trying to get a job noun ứng viên                  
capacity noun: the largest amount or number that a container, building, etc can hold noun sức chứa                  
capital noun: the most important city in a country or state, where the government is based noun thủ đô                  
career noun: a job that you do for a long period of your life and that gives you the chance to move to a higher position and earn more money noun nghề nghiệp                  
careless adjective: not giving enough attention to what you are doing adjective cẩu thả                  
cash noun: money in the form of coins or notes (= paper money) noun tiền mặt                  
cashier noun: someone whose job is to receive and pay out money in a shop, bank, etc noun thu ngân                  
cause noun: someone or something that makes something happen noun nguyên nhân                  
cautious adjective: taking care to avoid risks or danger adjective dè dặt                  
celebrate verb: to do something enjoyable because it is a special day, or because something good has happened verb ăn mừng                  
celebration noun: an occasion when you celebrate a special day or event, or the act of celebrating noun lễ kỷ niệm                  
cell phone noun: a phone that is connected to the phone system by radio instead of by a wire, and can be used anywhere where its signals can be received noun điện thoại di động                  
certificate noun: an official document that gives details to show that something is true noun chứng chỉ                  
certification noun: proof or a document proving that someone is qualified for a particular job, or that something is of good quality noun chứng nhận                  
chain noun: a line of metal rings connected together noun chuỗi                  
chain store noun: (one of) a group of shops that belong to a single company, have the same appearance, and sell similar goods noun chuỗi cửa hàng                  
chair noun: a seat for one person, with a back, usually four legs, and sometimes two arms noun cái ghế                  
chairman noun: a person in charge of a meeting or organization noun Chủ tịch                  
chairperson noun: someone who controls a meeting, company, or other organization noun chủ tịch                  
characteristic noun: a typical or obvious quality that makes one person or thing different from others noun đặc trưng                  
characterize verb: to be typical of someone or something verb đặc trưng                  
charge noun: the amount of money that you have to pay for something, especially for an activity or a service noun sạc điện                  
charity noun: an official organization that gives money, food, or help to people who need it noun từ thiện                  
cheap adjective: not expensive, or costing less than usual adjective giá rẻ                  
check in phrasal verb: to show your ticket at an airport so that you can be told where you will be sitting and so that your bags can be put on the aircraft phrasal verb đăng ký vào                  
check out phrasal verb: to leave a hotel after paying and returning your room key phrasal verb kiểm tra                  
chef noun: someone who is the main cook (= person who cooks) in a hotel or a restaurant noun lãnh đạo                  
circumstances noun: facts or events that make a situation the way it is noun hoàn cảnh                  
claim verb: a statement that something is true, although you have not proved it verb yêu cầu                  
claimant noun: a person who asks for something that they believe belongs to them or that they have a right to noun nguyên đơn                  
classification noun: the process of putting people or things into groups by their type, size, etc, or one of these groups noun phân loại                  
classify verb: to put people or things into groups by their type, size, etc verb phân loại                  
clerk noun: someone who works in an office or bank, keeping records and doing general office work noun nhân viên bán hàng                  
client noun: someone who pays someone else for services or advice noun khách hàng                  
climate noun: the weather conditions that an area usually has noun khí hậu                  
closure noun: the time when a business, organization, etc stops operating for ever noun đóng cửa                  
coach noun: a comfortable bus used to take groups of people on long journeys noun huấn luyện viên                  
code noun: a set of letters, numbers, or signs that are used instead of ordinary words to keep a message secret noun                  
collect verb: to get things from different places and bring them together verb sưu tầm                  
commence verb: to begin something verb bắt đầu                  
commission noun: an official group of people who have been chosen to find out about something and say what they think should be done about it noun Uỷ ban                  
commit verb: to do something that is considered wrong, or that is illegal verb cam kết                  
committee noun: a group of people who have been chosen to represent a larger organization and make decisions for it noun ủy ban                  
common adjective: happening often or existing in large numbers adjective chung                  
commonly adverb: often or usually adverb thông thường                  
commute verb: to regularly travel between work and home verb đi làm                  
commuter noun: someone who regularly travels between work and home noun đi lại                  
company noun: an organization that sells goods or services noun Công ty                  
comparable adjective: similar in size, amount, or quality to something else adjective so sánh                  
compare verb: to examine the ways in which two people or things are different or similar verb so sánh                  
compatible adjective: compatible equipment can be used together adjective tương thích                  
compensate verb: to pay someone money because you are responsible for injuring them or damaging something verb bù lại                  
compensation noun: money that you pay to someone because you are responsible for injuring them or damaging something noun đền bù                  
competent adjective: able to do something well adjective có thẩm quyền                  
competition noun: an organized event in which people try to win a prize by being the best, fastest, etc noun cuộc thi                  
competitive adjective: involving competition adjective cạnh tranh                  
competitor noun: a person, team, or company that is competing with others noun đối thủ                  
complain verb: to say that something is wrong or that you are annoyed about something verb than phiền                  
complaint noun: a statement that something is wrong or not satisfactory noun lời phàn nàn                  
complete adjective: with all parts adjective hoàn thành                  
complex adjective: involving a lot of different but connected parts in a way that is difficult to understand adjective phức tạp                  
complexity noun: the state of having many parts and being difficult to understand or find an answer to noun phức tạp                  
compliment noun: something that you say or do to show praise or admiration for someone noun lời khen                  
complimentary adjective: praising or expressing admiration for someone adjective miễn phí                  
comply verb: to obey an order, rule, or request verb tuân theo                  
comprehensive adjective: including everything adjective toàn diện                  
compromise noun: an agreement to accept something which is not exactly what you want noun thỏa hiệp                  
compulsory adjective: If something is compulsory, you must do it because of a rule or law. adjective bắt buộc                  
concede verb: to admit that something is true, even though you do not want to verb cấp                  
concern verb: to involve someone or be important to them verb mối quan ngại                  
conclude verb: to end something such as a meeting, speech, or piece of writing by doing or saying one last thing verb kết luận                  
conclusion noun: the opinion you have after considering all the information about something noun phần kết luận                  
concourse noun: a large room or open area inside a building such as an airport or station noun hội trường                  
condition noun: the state that something or someone is in noun điều kiện                  
conduct noun: the way someone behaves noun hạnh kiểm                  
confirm verb: to say or show that something is true verb xác nhận                  
confirmation noun: an announcement or proof that something is true or certain noun xác nhận                  
confusion noun: a state in which people do not understand what is happening or what they should do noun sự nhầm lẫn                  
connect verb: to join two things or places together verb kết nối                  
connection noun: a relationship between people or things noun kết nối                  
consequence noun: the result of an action or situation, especially a bad result noun kết quả                  
consider verb: to think carefully about a decision or something you might do verb xem xét                  
considerable adjective: large or important enough to have an effect adjective đáng kể                  
consignment noun: an amount of goods that is being sent somewhere noun lô hàng                  
consist verb: to be made up or composed verb bao gồm                  
consistent adjective: always behaving or happening in a similar, usually positive, way adjective thích hợp                  
consistently adverb: in a way that does not vary adverb nhất quán                  
constant adjective: happening a lot or all the time adjective không thay đổi                  
constantly adverb: all the time or often adverb liên tục                  
construction noun: the work of building houses, offices, bridges, etc noun xây dựng                  
consult verb: to go to a particular person or book to get information or advice verb tham khảo ý kiến                  
consultant noun: someone who advises people about a particular subject noun tư vấn                  
consume verb: to use something such as a product, energy, or fuel verb tiêu dùng                  
consumer noun: someone who buys or uses goods or services noun khách hàng                  
contain verb: If one thing contains another, it has it inside it verb chứa                  
container noun: an object such as a box or a bottle that is used for holding something noun thùng đựng hàng                  
continual adjective: happening again and again over a long period of time adjective liên tục                  
continuation noun: something that comes after an event, situation, or thing to make it continue or go further noun tiếp tục                  
continue verb: to keep happening, existing, or doing something verb tiếp tục                  
contribute verb: to give something, especially money, in order to provide or achieve something together with other people verb Góp phần                  
contribution noun: something that you do to help produce or develop something, or to help make something successful noun sự đóng góp                  
control noun: the power to make a person, organization, or object do what you want noun điều khiển                  
control panel noun: The Control Panel is a section of Microsoft Windows that enables a user to change various computer hardware and software features. Settings for the mouse, display, sound, network, and keyboard represent just a few examples of what may be modified in the Control Panel noun bảng điều khiển                  
convenient adjective: easy to use or suiting your plans well adjective tiện lợi                  
conveniently adverb: suitable or agreeable to the needs or purpose; well-suited with respect to facility or ease in use; favorable, easy, or comfortable for use. adverb tiện lợi                  
convince verb: to make someone believe that something is true verb thuyết phục                  
convincing adjective: able to make you believe that something is true or right adjective thuyết phục                  
corporate adjective: relating to a large company or group adjective công ty                  
corporation noun: a large company or group of companies noun tập đoàn                  
cost noun: the amount of money that you need to buy or do something noun Giá cả                  
counter noun: the place in a shop, bank, etc, where people are served noun quầy tính tiền                  
courier noun: someone whose job is to take and deliver documents and parcels noun chuyển phát nhanh                  
cover letter noun: →  covering letter noun thư xin việc                  
coverage noun: the way a newspaper, television programme, etc reports an event or subject noun phủ sóng                  
coworker noun: a person who you work with, especially someone with a similar job or level of responsibility noun đồng nghiệp                  
crash noun: an accident in which a vehicle hits something noun tai nạn                  
credentials noun: skills and experience that show you are suitable for a particular job or activity noun giấy chứng nhận                  
credit noun: a way of buying something in which you arrange to pay for it at a later time noun tín dụng                  
criteria noun: a standard of judgment or criticism; a rule or principle for evaluating or testing something. noun tiêu chuẩn                  
critical adjective: saying that someone or something is bad or wrong adjective chỉ trích                  
criticize verb: to say that something or someone is bad verb chỉ trích                  
crowd noun: a large group of people who are together in one place noun đám đông                  
crowded adjective: very full of people adjective Đông người                  
crucial adjective: extremely important or necessary adjective quan trọng                  
cruise noun: a holiday on a ship, sailing from place to place noun du lịch                  
currency noun: the units of money used in a particular country noun tiền tệ                  
current adjective: happening or existing now adjective hiện hành                  
custom noun: a habit or tradition noun tập quán                  
customer noun: a person or organization that buys goods or services from a shop or business noun khách hàng                  
customs noun: the place where your bags are examined when you are going into a country, to make sure you are not carrying anything illegal noun hải quan                  
cutting edge noun: the most modern stage of development in a particular type of work or activity noun cắt cạnh                  
cycle noun: a series of events that happen in a particular order and are often repeated noun chu kỳ                  
daily adjective: happening or produced every day or once a day adjective hằng ngày                  
damage noun: harm or injury noun hư hại                  
deadline noun: a time by which something must be done noun hạn chót                  
deal noun: an arrangement or an agreement, especially in business noun thỏa thuận                  
debit noun: money taken out of a bank account, or a record of this noun ghi nợ                  
debt noun: an amount of money that you owe someone noun món nợ                  
decision noun: a choice that you make about something after thinking about several possibilities noun phán quyết                  
decorate verb: to make something look more attractive by putting things on it or around it verb trang trí                  
decrease verb: to become less, or to make something become less verb giảm bớt                  
dedicate verb: to give most of your energy and time to something verb dâng hiến                  
deduct verb: to take an amount or a part of something away from a total verb trừ đi                  
defect noun: a fault or problem with someone or something noun khiếm khuyết                  
defective adjective: Something that is defective has a fault in it and does not work correctly adjective khiếm khuyết                  
definite adjective: certain, fixed, and not likely to change adjective xác định                  
definitely adverb: without any doubt adverb chắc chắn                  
degree noun: a unit for measuring temperature, shown by the symbol ° written after a number noun trình độ                  
delay verb: to make something happen at a later time than originally planned or expected verb sự chậm trễ                  
delete verb: to remove something, especially from a computer's memory verb xóa bỏ                  
delight noun: happiness and excited pleasure noun Hân hoan                  
delighted adjective: very pleased adjective vui mừng                  
deliver verb: to take things such as letters, parcels, or goods to a person or place verb giao hàng                  
delivery noun: the job of taking things such as letters, parcels, or goods to a person or place noun chuyển                  
demand noun: a need for something to be sold or supplied noun nhu cầu                  
demanding adjective: needing a lot of your time, attention, or effort adjective yêu cầu                  
demonstrate verb: to show or prove that something exists or is true verb chứng minh                  
depart verb: to leave a place, especially to start a journey to another place verb khởi hành                  
department noun: a part of an organization such as a school, business, or government that deals with a particular area of work noun bộ phận                  
departure noun: the act of leaving a place, especially to start a journey to another place noun khởi hành                  
depend on verb: to rely for support, maintenance, help, etc verb phụ thuộc vào                  
dependence noun: a situation in which you need someone or something all the time in order to exist or continue as before noun sự phụ thuộc                  
deposit noun: a payment that you make immediately when you decide to buy something, as proof that you will really buy it noun tiền gửi                  
description noun: something that tells you what someone or something is like noun sự miêu tả                  
designate verb: to choose someone or something for a particular purpose or duty verb chỉ định                  
desperate adjective: feeling that you have no hope and are ready to do anything to change the situation you are in adjective tuyệt vọng                  
dessert noun: sweet food that is eaten after the main part of a meal noun món tráng miệng                  
destination noun: the place where someone or something is going noun Nơi Đến                  
detail noun: a fact or piece of information about something noun chi tiết                  
detailed adjective: giving a lot of information adjective chi tiết                  
detect verb: to discover or notice something, especially something that is difficult to see, hear, smell, etc verb phát hiện                  
deterioration noun: the process or fact of becoming worse noun sự hư hỏng                  
determine verb: to discover the facts or truth about something verb mục đích                  
determined adjective: wanting to do something very much, and not letting anyone stop you adjective xác định                  
develop verb: to grow or change and become more advanced, or to make someone or something do this verb phát triển, xây dựng                  
developer noun: a person or company that buys land and builds houses, factories, shops, etc noun nhà phát triển                  
development noun: the process of growing, changing, or becoming more advanced noun phát triển                  
device noun: a piece of equipment that is used for a particular purpose noun thiết bị                  
diagnose verb: to say what is wrong with someone who is sick verb chẩn đoán                  
differential noun: a difference between amounts of things noun phân biệt                  
director noun: an important manager in an organization or company noun giám đốc                  
disagree verb: to have a different opinion from someone else about something verb không đồng ý                  
disagreement noun: a situation in which people have a different opinion about something or have an argument noun bất đồng ý kiến                  
disappointing adjective: making you feel disappointed adjective thất vọng                  
disconnect verb: to separate two things that are joined or connected, especially a piece of equipment and a power supply verb ngắt kết nối                  
discount noun: a reduction in price noun giảm giá                  
discrepancy noun: a difference between two things that should be the same noun sự khác biệt                  
discrimination noun: unfair treatment of someone because of their sex, race, religion, etc noun kỳ thị                  
discuss verb: to talk about something with someone and tell each other your ideas or opinions verb bàn luận                  
discussion noun: a conversation in which people talk about something and tell each other their ideas or opinions noun thảo luận                  
dish noun: a curved container for eating or serving food from noun món ăn                  
dismiss verb: to refuse to consider an idea or opinion verb bỏ qua                  
dismissive adjective: treating something as if it is not important adjective coi thường                  
display noun: a collection of objects or pictures arranged for people to look at noun trưng bày                  
disposable adjective: intended to be used only once and then thrown away adjective dùng một lần                  
dispose verb: to make someone feel a particular way towards someone or something verb                  
dispute noun: a disagreement, especially one that lasts a long time noun tranh chấp                  
disruption noun: an interruption in the usual way that a system, process, or event works noun gián đoạn                  
distinctive adjective: Something that is distinctive is easy to recognize because it is different from other things adjective đặc biệt                  
distinguish verb: to recognize the differences between two people, ideas, or things verb phân biệt                  
distribute verb: to give something out to people or places verb phân phát                  
distribution noun: the activity or work of supplying something or giving something out to people noun phân phối                  
dividend noun: an amount of money paid regularly to someone who owns shares in a company from the company's profits noun chia cổ tức                  
document noun: a piece of paper with official information on it noun tài liệu                  
donate verb: to give money or goods to a person or organization that needs help verb hiến tặng                  
donation noun: money or goods that are given to help a person or organization, or the act of giving them noun Quyên góp                  
double adjective: having two parts of the same type or size adjective gấp đôi                  
download verb: to copy computer programs, music or other information electronically using the Internet verb tải về                  
downsize verb: to make a company or organization smaller by reducing the number of people who work there verb giảm kích cỡ                  
downturn noun: a period when a business or economy becomes less successful noun suy thoái                  
downward adjective: moving towards a lower position adjective xuống                  
dramatic adjective: very sudden or noticeable adjective kịch tính                  
drastic adjective: Drastic action or change is sudden and extreme adjective quyết liệt                  
drastically adverb: acting with force or violence; violent. adverb quyết liệt                  
draw verb: to produce a picture by making lines or marks, usually with a pen or pencil verb vẽ tranh                  
drawer noun: a container like a box without a lid that is part of a piece of furniture and that slides in and out noun ngăn kéo                  
drive verb: to make a car, bus, or train move, and control what it does verb lái xe                  
drop verb: to let something you are carrying fall to the ground verb rơi vãi                  
dull adjective: not interesting adjective đần độn                  
duration noun: the amount of time that something lasts noun thời gian                  
duty-free adjective: Duty-free goods are things that you can buy and bring into a country without paying tax. adjective miễn thuế                  
earn verb: to get money for doing work verb kiếm                  
earnings noun: money that you get from working noun thu nhập                  
economical adjective: not using a lot of money, fuel, etc adjective kinh tế                  
economize verb: to use less of something because you want to save money verb tiết kiệm                  
economy noun: the system by which a country produces and uses goods and money noun nên kinh tê                  
effective adjective: successful or achieving the result that you want adjective có hiệu lực                  
effectively adverb: in a way that is successful and achieves what you want adverb có hiệu quả                  
effectiveness noun: the ability to be successful and produce the intended results noun hiệu quả                  
efficiency noun: a good use of time and energy, without wasting any noun hiệu quả                  
efficient adjective: working well and not wasting time or energy adjective hiệu quả                  
efficiently adverb: performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort; having and using requisite knowledge, skill, and industry; competent; capable adverb có hiệu quả                  
elderly adjective: a more polite word for 'old', used to describe people adjective người lớn tuổi                  
electrical adjective: Electrical goods or equipment work using electricity adjective điện                  
elevator noun: a machine that carries people up and down in tall buildings noun thang máy                  
embark verb: to get on a ship, boat, or aircraft to begin a journey verb tham gia                  
emergency noun: a serious or dangerous situation that needs immediate action noun trường hợp khẩn cấp                  
emphasize verb: to show that something is especially important or needs special attention verb nhấn mạnh                  
emphasize verb: to show that something is very important or worth giving attention to verb nhấn mạnh                  
employ verb: If a person or company employs someone, they pay that person to work for them verb thuê                  
employee noun: someone who is paid to work for a person or company noun Nhân viên                  
employer noun: a person or company that pays people to work for them noun nhà tuyển dụng                  
employment noun: paid work that someone does for a person or company noun việc làm                  
enable verb: to make someone able to do something, or to make something possible verb cho phép                  
enclose verb: to send something in the same envelope or parcel as something else verb đính kèm                  
encourage verb: to make someone more likely to do something, or make something more likely to happen verb khuyến khích                  
endurance noun: the ability to keep doing something difficult, unpleasant, or painful for a long time noun độ bền                  
endure verb: to suffer something difficult, unpleasant, or painful verb chịu đựng                  
engineer noun: someone whose job is to design, build, or repair machines, engines, roads, bridges, etc noun kỹ sư                  
engineering noun: the work of an engineer, or the study of this work noun kỹ thuật                  
enhance verb: to improve something verb nâng cao                  
enroll verb: to put yourself or someone else on an official list for an activity or for membership in a group, or to accept someone in such a list verb ghi danh                  
ensure verb: to make certain that something is done or happens verb đảm bảo                  
enterprise noun: a business or organization noun doanh nghiệp                  
enthusiastic adjective: showing enthusiasm adjective nhiệt tâm                  
enthusiastically adverb: full of or characterized by enthusiasm; ardent adverb nhiệt tình                  
entitlement noun: the right to do or have something noun quyền lợi                  
entrée noun: a dish served as the main course of a meal noun lối vào                  
environment noun: the air, land, and water where people, animals, and plants live noun môi trường                  
environmental adjective: relating to the environment adjective môi trường                  
equivalent adjective: equal in amount, value, importance, or meaning adjective tương đương                  
essential adjective: very important and necessary adjective Cần thiết                  
estimate noun: a guess of what a size, value, amount, etc might be noun ước tính                  
evaluate verb: to consider or study something carefully and decide how good or bad it is verb đánh giá                  
event noun: something that happens, especially something important or unusual noun biến cố                  
evidence noun: something that makes you believe that something is true or exists noun chứng cớ                  
evolve verb: to develop from other forms of life over millions of years verb phát triển                  
exact adjective: completely correct in every detail adjective chính xác                  
examination noun: an occasion when someone looks at something very carefully noun kiểm tra                  
examine verb: to look at someone or something very carefully, especially to try to discover something verb xem xét                  
excel verb: to be very good at something verb excel                  
excellent adjective: very good, or of a very high quality adjective Xuất sắc                  
excursion noun: a short journey made by a group of people for pleasure noun đi tham quan                  
executive adjective: relating to making decisions and managing businesses adjective điều hành                  
exhibit verb: to show objects such as paintings to the public verb triển lãm                  
expand verb: to increase in size or amount, or to make something increase verb mở rộng                  
expansion noun: an increase in the size or amount of something noun sự bành trướng                  
expect verb: to think that something will happen verb chờ đợi                  
expectation noun: the feeling that good things are going to happen in the future noun sự mong đợi                  
expenditure noun: the total amount of money that a government or person spends noun chi phí                  
expense noun: the money that you spend on something noun chi phí                  
expensive adjective: costing a lot of money adjective đắt                  
experience noun: knowledge that you get from doing a job, or from doing, seeing, or feeling something noun kinh nghiệm                  
experienced adjective: having skill and knowledge because you have done something many times adjective có kinh nghiệm                  
experiment noun: a test, especially a scientific one, that you do in order to learn something or discover if something is true noun thí nghiệm                  
exploration noun: the activity of searching and finding out about something noun thăm dò                  
explore verb: to go around a place where you have never been in order to find out what is there verb khám phá                  
express verb: to show what you think or how you feel using words or actions verb bày tỏ                  
extend verb: to make something bigger or longer verb mở rộng                  
extension noun: a new room or rooms that are added to a building noun sự mở rộng                  
external adjective: relating to the outside part of something adjective bên ngoài                  
facilities noun: buildings, equipment, or services that are provided for a particular purpose noun cơ sở vật chất                  
facility noun: a part of a system or machine that makes it possible to do something noun cơ sở                  
factor noun: one of the things that has an effect on a particular situation, decision, event, etc noun hệ số                  
factory noun: a building or group of buildings where large amounts of products are made or put together noun nhà máy                  
fail verb: to not be successful verb Thất bại                  
failure noun: a situation in which someone or something does not succeed noun thất bại                  
fair adjective: treating everyone in the same way, so that no one has an advantage adjective hội chợ                  
famed adjective: famous, especially for having particular qualities adjective nổi tiếng                  
fare noun: the price that you pay to travel on an aircraft, train, bus, etc noun làm                  
fault noun: If something bad that has happened is someone's fault, they are responsible for it noun lỗi                  
faulty adjective: not working correctly adjective bị lỗi                  
favor noun: US spelling of  favour noun ủng hộ                  
fax noun: a document that is sent or received using a special machine and a telephone line noun số fax                  
feature noun: a typical quality, or important part of something noun đặc tính                  
fee noun: an amount of money that you pay to do something, to use something, or to get a service noun học phí                  
feedback noun: an opinion from someone about something that you have done or made noun Phản hồi                  
field noun: an area of land used for growing crops or keeping animals noun cánh đồng                  
figure noun: a symbol for a number noun nhân vật                  
file noun: a piece of text, a picture, or a computer program stored on a computer noun tập tin                  
fill out phrasal verb: If someone who is thin fills out, they become heavier and more rounded, often because they have grown older. phrasal verb điền                  
finance noun: the control of how large amounts of money should be spent noun tài chính                  
financial adjective: relating to money or how money is managed adjective tài chính                  
firm adjective: not soft, but not completely hard adjective chắc chắn                  
fix verb: to repair something verb sửa chữa                  
flexible adjective: able to change or be changed easily according to the situation adjective Linh hoạt                  
flight noun: a journey in an aircraft noun chuyến bay                  
flight attendant noun: someone who serves passengers on an aircraft noun tiếp viên hàng không                  
fluctuate verb: to keep changing, especially in level or amount verb dao động                  
fluctuation noun: a situation in which prices, levels or interest rates go up and down noun biến động                  
focus verb: If you focus a camera or something else that you look through, you make small changes to it until you can see something clearly. verb tiêu điểm                  
focused adjective: giving a lot of attention to one particular thing adjective tập trung                  
fold verb: If you fold paper, cloth, etc, you bend it so that one part of it lies flat on top of another part verb gập lại                  
folder noun: a piece of plastic or thick paper folded down the middle and used to store loose papers noun thư mục                  
force noun: physical power or strength noun lực lượng                  
forecast noun: a report saying what is likely to happen in the future noun dự báo                  
foreign adjective: belonging to or coming from another country, not your own adjective ngoại quốc                  
forget verb: to be unable to remember a fact, something that happened, or how to do something verb quên                  
forgetful adjective: often forgetting things adjective hay quên                  
form noun: a type of something or way of doing something noun hình thức                  
forward adverb: towards the direction that is in front of you adverb phía trước                  
founded verb: to set up; to launch; to institute. verb thành lập                  
frank adjective: speaking honestly and saying what you really think adjective thẳng thắn                  
frankly adverb: in an honest and direct way adverb thẳng thắn                  
fuel noun: a substance that is burned to provide heat or power noun nhiên liệu                  
fulfill verb: to do something as promised or intended, or to satisfy your hopes or expectations verb hoàn thành                  
function noun: the purpose of something or someone noun chức năng                  
functional adjective: designed to be practical or useful and not only attractive adjective chức năng                  
fundraising noun: the activity of collecting money for a particular purpose noun gây quỹ                  
furniture noun: objects such as chairs, tables, and beds that you put into a room or building noun đồ nội thất                  
further adverb: more adverb thêm nữa                  
gesture noun: a movement you make with your hand, arm, or head to express what you are thinking or feeling noun cử chỉ                  
goal noun: a point scored in sports such as football when a player sends a ball or other object into a particular area, such as between two posts noun mục tiêu                  
goods noun: items that are made to be sold noun Các mặt hàng                  
gradually adverb: slowly over a period of time adverb dần dần                  
grievance noun: a complaint, especially about unfair behaviour noun phàn nàn                  
grill noun: a piece of equipment used for cooking food under strong direct heat noun nướng                  
growth noun: the process of growing, increasing, or developing noun sự phát triển                  
guarantee verb: to promise that something is true or will happen verb Bảo hành                  
guidelines noun: advice about how to do something noun hướng dẫn                  
haggle verb: to argue, especially about the price of something verb tranh luận                  
handle verb: to deal with something verb xử lý                  
handy adjective: useful or easy to use adjective tiện dụng                  
harbor noun: a protected area of water next to the land where ships and boats can be safely kept noun Hải cảng                  
harmful adjective: causing or likely to cause harm adjective có hại                  
hazardous adjective: dangerous adjective nguy hiểm                  
head office noun: the most important office of an organization or company, or the people working there noun trụ sở chính                  
headquarters noun: the place from where an organization is controlled noun trụ sở chính                  
hesitate verb: to pause before doing something, especially because you are nervous or not certain verb do dự                  
hesitation noun: a pause before doing something, especially because you are nervous or not certain noun do dự                  
hide verb: to put something in a place where it cannot be seen or found verb ẩn giấu                  
highlight verb: to emphasize something or make people notice something verb Điểm nổi bật                  
highly adverb: very or to a large degree adverb cao                  
hike noun: a long walk, usually in the countryside noun đi lang thang                  
hire verb: to pay money in order to use something for a short time verb Thuê                  
hold verb: to have something in your hand or arms verb giữ                  
homepage noun: the first page of a website, which usually gives an introduction to the business or organization it belongs to and links (= connections) to more detailed information on other pages noun trang chủ                  
host noun: someone who organizes a party and invites the guests noun chủ nhà                  
identification noun: the act of recognizing and naming someone or something noun nhận biết                  
identify verb: to recognize someone or something and say or prove who or what they are verb nhận định                  
imaginative adjective: Something that is imaginative is new or clever and often unusual adjective giàu trí tưởng tượng                  
immediate adjective: happening or done without waiting or very soon after something else adjective ngay lập tức                  
immediately adverb: now or without waiting or thinking about something adverb ngay                  
impact noun: the effect that a person, event, or situation has on someone or something noun va chạm                  
impatient adjective: easily annoyed by someone's mistakes or because you have to wait adjective nóng nảy                  
implement verb: to make a law, system, plan, etc start to happen or operate verb triển khai thực hiện                  
imply verb: to suggest or show something, without saying it directly verb bao hàm, ngụ ý                  
impression noun: an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone noun ấn tượng                  
improper adjective: not correct, suitable, honest, or acceptable adjective không đúng                  
improve verb: to get better or to make something better verb cải tiến                  
improvement noun: If there is an improvement in something, it gets better noun cải tiến                  
incentive noun: something that encourages you to act in a particular way noun khuyến khích                  
inclined adjective: to have an opinion, but not a strong opinion adjective nghiêng                  
include verb: to have something or someone as part of something larger or more general, such as a group, price, or process verb bao gồm                  
inclusion noun: the fact of including someone or something, especially in a group, amount, or event noun đưa vào                  
income noun: money that you earn by working, investing, or producing goods noun thu nhập                  
inconvenience noun: the quality of being inconvenient, or something that is inconvenient noun sự bất tiện                  
increase verb: to get bigger or to make something bigger in size or amount verb tăng                  
indicate verb: to show that something exists or is likely to be true verb biểu thị                  
indication noun: a sign showing that something exists or is likely to be true noun dấu hiệu                  
individual adjective: considered separately from other things in a group adjective cá nhân                  
individually adverb: separately and not as a group adverb riêng biệt                  
inexperienced adjective: without much experience or knowledge of something adjective thiếu kinh nghiệm                  
infer verb: to guess that something is true because of the information that you have verb suy luận                  
inflate verb: to fill something with air or gas, or to become filled with air or gas verb phóng lên                  
inflation noun: the rate at which prices increase, or a continuing increase in prices noun lạm phát                  
influence noun: the power to affect how someone thinks or behaves, or how something develops noun ảnh hưởng                  
influential adjective: having a lot of influence adjective có ảnh hưởng                  
information noun: facts about a situation, person, event, etc noun thông tin                  
input noun: ideas, money, effort, etc that you put into an activity or process in order to help it succeed noun đầu vào                  
inquiry noun: a question that you ask when you want more information noun yêu cầu                  
install verb: to put a piece of equipment somewhere and make it ready to use verb cài đặt, dựng lên                  
installation noun: an occasion when equipment, furniture, or a computer program is put into position or made ready to use noun cài đặt                  
insurance noun: an agreement in which you pay a company money and they pay your costs if you have an accident, injury, etc noun bảo hiểm                  
insure verb: to buy insurance from a company, or to provide insurance for someone verb đảm bảo                  
intend verb: to want and plan to do something verb dự định                  
intention noun: something that you want and plan to do noun ý định                  
intently adverb: in a way that shows great attention to something adverb chăm chú                  
intern noun: a young doctor who works in a hospital to finish their medical education noun nội bộ                  
internal adjective: happening or coming from inside a particular country, group, or organization adjective bên trong                  
international adjective: relating to or involving two or more countries adjective quốc tế                  
internship noun: a period of training spent in a hospital by a young doctor in order to finish their medical qualification noun thực tập                  
interrupt verb: to stop someone while they are talking or doing something, by saying or doing something yourself verb làm gián đoạn                  
interview noun: a meeting in which someone asks you questions to see if you are suitable for a job or course noun phỏng vấn                  
invaluable adjective: extremely useful adjective vô giá trị                  
invent verb: to design or create something that has never existed before verb phát minh                  
invention noun: something that has been designed or created for the first time noun sự phát minh                  
inventory noun: a list of all the things that are in a place noun hàng tồn kho                  
invest verb: to give money to a bank, business, etc, or buy something, because you hope to get a profit verb đầu tư                  
investigate verb: to try to discover all the facts about something, especially a crime or accident verb điều tra                  
investigation noun: a process in which officials try to discover all the facts about something, especially a crime or an accident noun cuộc điều tra                  
investment noun: the money that you put in a bank, business, etc in order to make a profit, or the act of doing this noun đầu tư                  
invite verb: to ask someone to come to a social event verb mời gọi                  
invoice noun: a list that shows you how much you owe someone for work they have done or for goods they have supplied noun hóa đơn                  
isolate verb: to separate someone or something from other people or things verb cô lập                  
issue noun: an important subject or problem that people are discussing noun vấn đề                  
item noun: a single thing in a set or on a list noun mục                  
itemize verb: to list things separately, often including details about each thing verb ghi rõ                  
itinerary noun: a list of places that you plan to visit on a journey noun hành trình                  
jealous adjective: unhappy and angry because you want something that someone else has adjective ghen tuông                  
jeopardize verb: to put something in a situation where there is a risk of failing or being harmed verb gây nguy hiểm                  
jeopardy noun: in danger of failing or being harmed noun nguy cơ                  
jobless adjective: without a job adjective thất nghiệp                  
join verb: to become a member of a group or organization verb tham gia                  
joint adjective: belonging to or done by two or more people adjective chung                  
journal noun: a magazine containing articles about a particular subject noun tạp chí                  
journey noun: If you go on a journey, you travel from one place to another noun hành trình                  
judge noun: someone who controls a trial in court, decides how criminals should be punished, and makes decisions about legal things noun thẩm phán                  
justice noun: behaviour or treatment that is fair and morally correct noun Sự công bằng                  
justification noun: a reason for something noun biện hộ                  
justify verb: to give a good enough reason to make something seem acceptable verb biện hộ                  
keen adjective: very interested or enthusiastic adjective sắc sảo                  
keep verb: to have something permanently or for the whole of a period of time verb giữ                  
knock verb: to make a noise by hitting something, especially a door, with your closed hand in order to attract someone's attention verb đánh                  
know verb: to have knowledge or information about something in your mind verb biết                  
knowledge noun: information and understanding that you have in your mind noun hiểu biết                  
knowledgeable adjective: knowing a lot adjective có kiến ​​thức                  
label noun: a small piece of paper or other material that gives information about the thing it is fixed to noun nhãn                  
labor noun: US spelling of  labour noun lao động                  
lack noun: not having something, or not having enough of something noun thiếu sót                  
landlord noun: a man who you rent a room or house from noun chủ nhà                  
laptop noun: a computer that is small enough to be carried around and used where you are sitting noun máy tính xách tay                  
launch verb: to send a spacecraft or bomb into the sky, or a ship into the water verb phóng                  
law noun: the system of official rules in a country noun pháp luật                  
lay off noun: an occasion when a company stops employing someone, sometimes temporarily, because the company does not have enough money or enough work noun Sa thải                  
leak verb: If a liquid or gas leaks, it comes out of a hole by accident, and if a container leaks, it allows liquid or gas to come out when it should not verb rò rỉ                  
lean verb: to move the top part of your body in a particular direction verb nạc                  
lease noun: a legal agreement in which you pay money in order to use a building or a piece of land for a period of time noun cho thuê                  
leisure noun: the time when you are not working noun giải trí                  
lend verb: to give something to someone for a period of time, expecting that they will then give it back to you verb cho vay                  
liability noun: legal responsibility for something noun trách nhiệm pháp lý                  
license verb: to give someone official permission to do or have something verb giấy phép                  
licensing noun: the process of giving or getting official permission to do something noun cấp phép                  
lie verb: to be in a horizontal or flat position on a surface verb nói dối                  
limited adjective: small in amount or number adjective giới hạn                  
limousine noun: a large, expensive car, usually for rich or important people noun xe limousine                  
list noun: a series of names, numbers, or items that are written one below the other noun danh sách                  
livestock noun: animals that are kept on a farm noun vật nuôi                  
loan noun: money that someone has borrowed noun tiền vay                  
lobby noun: a room at the main entrance of a building, often with doors and stairs that lead to other parts of the building noun sảnh đợi                  
local adjective: relating to an area near you adjective địa phương                  
locate verb: to find the exact position of someone or something verb định vị                  
log on phrasal verb: to start using a computer system or program by giving a password (= a secret word by which the system recognizes an approved user) phrasal verb đăng nhập                  
log out phrasal verb: to end a connection to a computer system by clicking on a spot on the computer screen phrasal verb đăng xuất                  
loyal adjective: always liking and supporting someone or something, sometimes when other people do not adjective trung thành                  
luggage noun: bags and cases that you carry with you when you are travelling noun Hành lý                  
luxurious adjective: very comfortable and expensive adjective sang trọng                  
luxury noun: great comfort or pleasure from expensive or beautiful things noun sang trọng                  
maintain verb: to make a situation or activity continue in the same way verb duy trì                  
maintenance noun: the work that is done to keep something in good condition noun bảo trì                  
major adjective: more important or more serious than other things or people of a similar type adjective chính                  
manage verb: to do something or deal with something successfully verb quản lý                  
managerial adjective: relating to a manager or management adjective quản lý                  
mandatory adjective: If something is mandatory, it must be done. adjective bắt buộc                  
manufacture verb: to produce something, usually in large numbers in a factory verb sản xuất                  
manufacturing noun: the production of something, usually in large quantities in a factory noun chế tạo                  
marketing noun: the work of encouraging people to buy a product or service noun tiếp thị                  
mechanic noun: someone whose job is to repair machines noun thợ cơ khí                  
medic noun: a medical student or doctor noun bác sĩ                  
medical adjective: relating to medicine and different ways of curing illness adjective Y khoa                  
medication noun: medicine that is used to treat an illness noun thuốc men                  
medicine noun: a substance used to cure an illness or injury noun dược phẩm                  
meeting noun: an event where people come together for a reason, usually to discuss something noun gặp gỡ                  
membership noun: the state of belonging to a group or an organization noun thành viên                  
memo noun: a written message sent from one member of an organization to another noun bản ghi nhớ                  
memorandum noun: a memo noun memorandum                  
mention verb: to briefly speak or write about something or someone verb đề cập đến                  
merchandise noun: goods that are traded, or sold in shops noun hàng hóa                  
mere adjective: used to emphasize that something is not large or important adjective hơn                  
merge verb: If two or more things merge, they combine or join, and if you merge two or more things, you combine or join them verb đi                  
merger noun: an arrangement in which two or more companies or organizations join together noun sáp nhập                  
mileage noun: the number of miles that a vehicle has travelled since it was new noun mileage                  
million prefix: the number 1,000,000 prefix triệu                  
mishear verb: to fail to hear someone's words correctly or in the way that was intended and to think that something different was said verb mỉm cười                  
misleading adjective: making someone believe something that is untrue adjective gây hiểu lầm                  
misrepresent verb: to say things that are not true about someone or something verb trình bày sai                  
monitor noun: a screen that shows information or pictures, usually connected to a computer noun giám sát                  
monument noun: a building or other structure that is built to make people remember an event in history or a famous person noun tượng đài                  
mortgage noun: money that you borrow to buy a home noun thế chấp                  
motivate verb: to make someone enthusiastic about doing something verb động viên                  
motivation noun: enthusiasm for doing something noun động lực                  
napkin noun: a piece of cloth or paper used when you eat to keep your clothes clean and to clean your mouth and hands noun khăn ăn                  
narrow adjective: Narrow things measure a small distance from one side to the other adjective hẹp                  
narrowing noun: The process of becoming narrow noun thu hẹp                  
neighborhood noun: an area with characteristics that make it different from other areas, or the people who live in a particular area noun khu vực lân cận                  
network noun: a system or group of connected parts noun mạng                  
nominate verb: to officially suggest a person for a job or a position in an organization, or to suggest a person or their work for a prize verb đề cử                  
nomination noun: the act of officially suggesting a person for a job or their work for a prize noun đề cử                  
notice verb: to see something and be aware of it verb để ý                  
notify verb: to officially tell someone about something verb thông báo                  
objection noun: a reason why you do not like or approve of something or someone, or the fact that you do not like or approve of them noun sự phản đối                  
objective noun: something that you are trying to achieve noun mục tiêu                  
obligation noun: something that you do because it is your duty or because you feel you have to noun nghĩa vụ                  
oblige verb: to be forced to do something verb đòi hỏi                  
obtain verb: to get something verb đạt được                  
obviously adverb: in a way that is easy to understand or see adverb chắc chắn                  
occupation noun: your job noun nghề nghiệp                  
occur verb: to happen, often without being planned verb xảy ra                  
officer noun: someone with an important job in a military organization noun nhân viên văn phòng                  
official adjective: approved by the government or someone in authority adjective chính thức                  
onward adverb: beginning at a time and continuing after it adverb trở đi                  
operate verb: If an organization or business operates, it is working, and if you operate it, you manage it and make it work verb vận hành                  
operation noun: If you have an operation, a doctor cuts your body to remove or repair part of it noun hoạt động                  
opinion noun: a thought or belief about something or someone noun quan điểm                  
opportunity noun: a situation in which it is possible for you to do something, or a possibility of doing something noun cơ hội                  
optimistic adjective: always believing that good things will happen adjective lạc quan                  
order noun: the arrangement of a group of people or things in a list from first to last noun gọi món                  
organization noun: an official group of people who work together for the same purpose noun cơ quan                  
organize verb: to plan or arrange something verb tổ chức                  
organized adjective: An organized person plans things well and does not waste time or effort. adjective tổ chức                  
original adjective: special and interesting because of not being the same as others adjective nguyên                  
outline verb: to describe only the most important ideas or facts about something verb đề cương                  
outlook noun: the likely future situation noun triển vọng                  
outstanding adjective: excellent and much better than most adjective nổi bật                  
overall adjective: considering everything or everyone adjective tổng thể                  
overdraft noun: If you have an overdraft, you have taken more money out of your bank account than you had in it noun thấu chi                  
overseas adjective: in, to, or from another country adjective Hải ngoại                  
overtime noun: extra time that you work after your usual working hours noun tăng ca                  
overview noun: a short description giving the most important facts about something noun tổng quan                  
owe verb: to have to pay money back to someone verb nợ                  
package noun: an object that is covered in paper, inside a box, etc, especially so that it can be sent somewhere noun gói                  
package tour noun: a holiday at a fixed price in which the travel company arranges your travel, hotels, and sometimes meals for you noun tour du lịch trọn gói                  
parcel noun: something that is covered in paper so that it can be sent by post noun Bưu kiện                  
parking lot noun: an outside area of ground where you can leave a car for a period of time noun bãi đậu xe                  
participant noun: someone who is involved in an activity noun người tham gia                  
particularly adverb: especially adverb đặc biệt                  
passenger noun: someone who is travelling in a vehicle, but not controlling the vehicle noun hành khách                  
patent noun: a legal right that a person or company receives to make or sell a particular product so that others cannot copy it noun bằng sáng chế                  
patented adjective: used to describe products for which someone has a patent adjective được cấp bằng sáng chế                  
patience noun: the quality of being able to stay calm and not get angry, especially when something takes a long time noun kiên nhẫn                  
payment noun: the act of paying noun thanh toán                  
perform verb: to entertain people by acting, singing, dancing, etc verb biểu diễn                  
performance noun: acting, singing, dancing, or playing music to entertain people noun hiệu suất                  
permanent adjective: continuing forever or for a long time adjective dài hạn                  
permission noun: If you give someone permission to do something, you allow them to do it noun sự cho phép                  
permit verb: to allow something verb cho phép                  
personal adjective: relating to or belonging to a particular person adjective cá nhân                  
personalized adjective: A personalized object has someone's name on it, or has been made for a particular person adjective được cá nhân hoá                  
personnel noun: the people who work for an organization noun nhân viên                  
persuade verb: to make someone agree to do something by talking to them a lot about it verb truy vấn                  
pessimistic adjective: always believing that bad things will happen adjective bi quan                  
plant noun: a living thing that grows in the soil or water and has leaves and roots, especially one that is smaller than a tree noun thực vật                  
platform noun: a raised surface for people to stand on, especially when they are speaking to a lot of people noun nền tảng                  
pleasant adjective: enjoyable or attractive adjective dễ chịu                  
plow noun: US spelling of  plough noun cày ruộng                  
plug in noun: a small computer program that makes a larger one work faster or have more features noun cắm vào                  
plumber noun: someone whose job is to repair or connect water pipes and things like toilets and baths noun thợ ống nước                  
point noun: an opinion, idea, or fact that someone says or writes noun điểm                  
pointless adjective: Something that is pointless has no purpose adjective vô nghĩa                  
policy noun: a set of ideas or a plan of what to do in particular situations that has been agreed by a government, business, etc noun chính sách                  
polite adjective: behaving in a way that is not rude and shows that you do not only think about yourself adjective lịch sự                  
politician noun: someone who works in politics, especially a member of the government noun chính trị gia                  
politics noun: ideas and activities relating to how a country or area is governed noun chính trị                  
poll noun: the results of a set of questions people are asked to discover what they think about a subject noun thăm dò ý kiến                  
pollute verb: to make water, air, soil, etc dirty or harmful verb ô nhiễm                  
popular adjective: liked by many people adjective phổ biến                  
popularity noun: the quality of being liked by many people noun phổ biến                  
position noun: the way someone is sitting, standing, or lying, or if something is pointing up or down, etc noun Chức vụ                  
postpone verb: to arrange for something to happen at a later time verb hoãn                  
postponement noun: the action of postponing something; deferral. noun sự trì hoãn                  
potential adjective: A potential problem, employer, partner, etc may become one in the future, although they are not one now adjective tiềm năng                  
power noun: control or influence over people and events noun quyền lực                  
practical adjective: relating to real situations or actions and not to thoughts or ideas adjective thiết thực                  
practically adverb: almost adverb thực tế                  
predict verb: to say what you think will happen in the future verb tiên đoán                  
predictable adjective: happening or behaving in a way that you expect and not unusual or interesting adjective có thể dự đoán được                  
prefer verb: to like someone or something more than another person or thing verb thích hơn                  
preference noun: the feeling of liking something or someone more than another person or thing noun sở thích                  
premises noun: the land or buildings used by an organization noun cơ sở                  
prepare verb: to get someone or something ready for something that will happen in the future verb chuẩn bị                  
present adjective: to be in a particular place adjective hiện tại                  
presentation noun: the way something is arranged or shown to people noun trình bày                  
press verb: to push something firmly verb nhấn                  
prevent verb: to stop something happening or to stop someone doing something verb ngăn chặn                  
prevention noun: ways of stopping something happening or stopping someone doing something noun Phòng ngừa                  
price noun: the amount of money that you pay to buy something noun giá bán                  
priceless adjective: very valuable adjective vô giá trị                  
principal adjective: main, or most important adjective hiệu trưởng                  
principle noun: a rule or belief that influences your behaviour and which is based on what you think is right noun nguyên tắc                  
priority noun: something that is very important and that must be dealt with before other things noun sự ưu tiên                  
private adjective: only for one person or group and not for everyone adjective riêng tư                  
probability noun: how likely it is that something will happen noun xác suất                  
probably adverb: used to mean that something is very likely adverb có lẽ                  
probationary adjective: relating to the period during which a new employee is being watched closely to see if they are suitable for their job adjective thử việc                  
process noun: a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result noun quá trình                  
profession noun: a type of work that needs special training or education noun chuyên nghiệp                  
professional adjective: relating to a job that needs special training or education adjective chuyên nghiệp                  
profile noun: a short description of someone's life, character, work, etc noun Hồ sơ                  
profit noun: money that you get from selling goods or services for more than they cost to produce or provide noun lợi nhuận                  
profitability noun: the situation in which a company, product, etc. is producing a profit noun lợi nhuận                  
profitable adjective: making or likely to make a profit adjective có lãi                  
progress noun: development and improvement of skills, knowledge, etc noun phát triển                  
progressive adjective: thinking or behaving in a new or modern way adjective cấp tiến                  
prohibit verb: to officially forbid something verb cấm                  
project noun: a carefully planned piece of work that has a particular purpose noun dự án                  
promote verb: to encourage something to happen or develop verb khuyến khích                  
promotion noun: activities to advertise something noun quảng cáo                  
prompt verb: to cause something verb lời nhắc                  
promptly adverb: quickly, without delay, or at the arranged time adverb kịp thời                  
properly adverb: correctly, or in a satisfactory way adverb đúng                  
property noun: a building or area of land noun bất động sản                  
protect verb: to keep someone or something safe from something dangerous or bad verb bảo vệ                  
protection noun: the act of protecting or state of being protected noun sự bảo vệ                  
publicity noun: advertising or information about someone or something in the newspaper, on television, etc noun công khai                  
publicize verb: to make people know about something by advertising or giving information in newspapers, on television, etc verb công khai                  
purchase verb: to buy something verb mua, tựa vào, bám vào                  
purpose noun: why you do something or why something exists noun mục đích                  
pursue verb: If you pursue a plan, activity, or situation, you try to do it or achieve it, usually over a long period of time verb theo đuổi                  
qualification noun: what you get when you pass an exam or a course noun trình độ chuyên môn                  
qualified adjective: having passed exams or courses adjective đủ điều kiện                  
qualify verb: If you qualify for something, you are allowed to do it or have it, and if something qualifies you for something, it allows you to do it or have it verb đủ tiêu chuẩn                  
questionnaire noun: a set of questions asked of a large number of people to discover information about a subject noun bảng câu hỏi                  
quotation noun: a sentence or phrase that is taken out of a book, poem, or play noun bảng báo giá                  
quote verb: to repeat what someone has said or written verb Trích dẫn                  
raise verb: to lift something to a higher position verb nâng cao                  
range noun: a group of different things of the same general type noun phạm vi                  
rare adjective: very unusual adjective hiếm                  
rate noun: how often something happens, or how many people something happens to noun tỷ lệ                  
rational adjective: based on facts and not affected by someone's emotions or imagination adjective hợp lý                  
raw materials noun: Materials in their unprocessed, natural state considered usable for manufacture noun nguyên liệu thô                  
reach verb: to arrive somewhere verb chạm tới                  
realize verb: to notice or understand something that you did not notice or understand before verb nhận ra                  
rearrange verb: to change the order or position of things verb sắp xếp lại                  
reasonable adjective: fair and showing good judgment adjective hợp lý                  
reasonably adverb: in a fair way, showing good judgment adverb hợp lý                  
receipt noun: a piece of paper that proves that you have received goods or money noun biên lai                  
receive verb: to get something that someone has given or sent to you verb nhận được                  
recent adjective: happening or starting from a short time ago adjective gần đây                  
reception noun: the place in a hotel or office building where people go when they arrive noun tiếp nhận                  
receptive adjective: willing to think about and accept new ideas adjective dễ tiếp thu                  
recipe noun: a list of foods and a set of instructions telling you how to cook something noun công thức                  
recognize verb: to know someone or something because you have seen or experienced them before verb nhìn nhận                  
recommend verb: to say that someone or something is good or suitable for a particular purpose verb giới thiệu                  
recommendation noun: a piece of advice about what to do in a particular situation noun sự giới thiệu                  
recruit verb: to try to persuade someone to work for a company or to join an organization verb tuyển dụng                  
recruitment noun: the process of finding people to work for a company or become a new member of an organization noun tuyển dụng                  
reduce verb: to make something less verb giảm                  
reduction noun: the act of reducing something noun giảm                  
redundant adjective: not working because your employer has told you there is not enough work adjective dôi dư                  
refrigerator noun: a large container that uses electricity to keep food cold noun tủ lạnh                  
refund noun: an amount of money that is given back to you, especially because you are not happy with something you have bought noun Hoàn tiền                  
refundable adjective: used to describe money that you pay that is able to be paid back adjective hoàn lại tiền                  
refusal noun: the act of refusing to do or accept something noun từ chối                  
refuse verb: to say that you will not do or accept something verb từ chối                  
regarding preposition: about or relating to preposition về                  
regardless adverb: despite something adverb bất kể                  
regional adjective: relating to a region (= particular area in a country) adjective khu vực                  
register noun: an official list of names noun ghi danh                  
registration noun: the recording of a name or information on an official list noun đăng ký                  
regret verb: to feel sorry about a situation, especially something that you wish you had not done verb hối tiếc                  
regular adjective: repeated with the same amount of time or space between one thing and the next adjective đều đặn                  
regularly adverb: often adverb thường xuyên                  
regulate verb: to control an activity or process, especially by using rules verb quy định                  
rehearse verb: to practise a play, dance, etc in order to prepare for a performance verb tập dượt                  
reject verb: to refuse to accept or agree with something verb Từ chối                  
relax verb: to become happy and comfortable because nothing is worrying you, or to make someone do this verb thư giãn                  
relaxation noun: the feeling of being relaxed noun thư giãn                  
release verb: to allow a prisoner to be free verb giải phóng                  
relevant adjective: related or useful to what is happening or being talked about adjective liên quan, thích hợp                  
remain verb: to continue to exist when everything or everyone else has gone verb vẫn còn                  
remarkable adjective: very unusual or noticeable in a way that you admire adjective đáng chú ý                  
remind verb: to make someone remember something, or remember to do something verb nhắc lại                  
reminder noun: something that makes you remember something else noun nhắc nhở                  
remittance noun: an amount of money that you send to someone noun chuyển tiền                  
remove verb: to take something away verb tẩy                  
remuneration noun: the money someone is paid for work they have done noun tiền công                  
renovate verb: to repair and decorate a building that is old and in bad condition verb đổi mới                  
renovation noun: the process of repairing and improving a building so that it is in good condition again, or the improvements that are carried out noun cải tạo                  
rent verb: to pay money to live in a building that someone else owns verb thuê                  
repair verb: to fix something that is broken or damaged verb sửa                  
repayment noun: the act of repaying someone or something noun trả nợ                  
repetitive adjective: doing or saying the same thing several times, especially in a way that is boring adjective lặp đi lặp lại                  
replace verb: to start using another thing or person instead of the one that you are using now verb thay thế                  
replacement noun: the thing or person that replaces something or someone noun thay thế                  
report noun: a description of an event or situation noun bài báo cáo                  
represent verb: to be equal to something verb đại diện                  
representative noun: someone who speaks or does something officially for another person noun Tiêu biểu                  
request noun: a question which politely or officially asks for something noun yêu cầu                  
require verb: to need or demand something verb yêu cầu                  
requirement noun: something that is needed or demanded noun yêu cầu                  
reschedule verb: to agree a new and later date for something to happen verb sắp xếp lại                  
rescue verb: to save someone from a dangerous or unpleasant situation verb cứu hộ                  
resemble verb: to look like or be like someone or something verb giống                  
reservation noun: an arrangement that you make to have a seat on an aircraft, a room in a hotel, etc noun đặt phòng                  
reserve verb: to arrange to have a seat on an aircraft, a room in a hotel, etc verb dự trữ                  
resign verb: to officially tell your employer that you are leaving your job verb từ chức                  
resist verb: to stop yourself from doing something that you want to do verb kháng cự                  
resolve verb: to solve or end a problem or difficulty verb giải quyết                  
respect noun: polite behaviour towards someone, especially because they are older or more important than you noun sự tôn trọng                  
respectable adjective: behaving in a socially acceptable way or looking socially acceptable adjective đáng kính trọng                  
respectful adjective: showing respect for someone or something adjective tôn trọng                  
respond verb: to say or do something as an answer or reaction to something that has been said or done verb trả lời                  
responsibility noun: something that it is your job or duty to deal with noun trách nhiệm                  
responsible adjective: to be the person whose duty is to deal with someone or something adjective chịu trách nhiệm                  
restore verb: to make something good exist again verb phục hồi                  
restructure verb: to organize a system or organization in a new way verb cơ cấu lại                  
resume verb: If an activity resumes, or if you resume it, it starts again after a pause verb tiếp tục                  
retail noun: the activity of selling products to the public in shops and on the internet noun bán lẻ                  
retire verb: to leave your job and stop working, usually because you are old verb về hưu                  
retirement noun: the time at which you leave your job and stop working, usually because you are old noun nghỉ hưu                  
review noun: the process of considering something again in order to make changes to it noun ôn tập                  
revise verb: to change something so that it is more accurate verb xem lại                  
revised adjective: changed in some ways adjective sửa lại                  
right away idiom: immediately idiom ngay lập tức                  
rival noun: someone or something that is competing with another person or thing noun đối thủ                  
roadside noun: the area next to a road noun lề đường                  
roughly adverb: approximately adverb gần                  
route noun: the roads or paths you follow to get from one place to another place noun lộ trình                  
runway noun: a large road that aircraft use to land on or to start flying from noun đường băng                  
salary noun: a fixed amount of money that you receive from your employer, usually every month noun lương                  
sale noun: the act of selling something, or the time when something is sold noun buôn bán                  
salvage verb: to save things from a place where other things have been damaged or lost verb cứu hộ                  
sample noun: a small amount of something that shows you what it is like noun mẫu vật                  
satisfactory adjective: good enough adjective đạt yêu cầu                  
satisfied adjective: pleased because you have got what you wanted, or because something has happened in the way that you wanted adjective hài lòng                  
satisfy verb: to please someone by giving them what they want or need verb thỏa mãn                  
save verb: to stop someone or something from being killed or destroyed verb tiết kiệm                  
scene noun: a short part of a film, play, or book in which the events happen in one place noun bối cảnh                  
scenery noun: the attractive, natural things that you see in the countryside noun phong cảnh                  
schedule noun: a plan that gives events or activities and the times that they will happen or be done noun kế hoạch                  
scrutinize verb: to examine something very carefully verb kiểm soát                  
search engine noun: a computer program that finds information on the internet by looking for words that you have typed in noun máy tìm kiếm                  
secluded adjective: If a place is secluded, it is quiet and not near people adjective hẻo lánh                  
secretarial adjective: relating to the work of a secretary (= office worker who types letters, etc) adjective thư ký                  
secretary noun: someone who works in an office, typing letters, answering the telephone, and arranging meetings, etc noun Thư ký                  
select verb: to choose someone or something verb lựa chọn                  
selection noun: the act of choosing someone or something noun lựa chọn                  
selective adjective: careful about what you choose adjective chọn lọc                  
seminar noun: a meeting of a group of people with a teacher or expert for training, discussion, or study of a subject noun hội thảo                  
senior adjective: having a more important job or position than someone else adjective cao cấp                  
serious adjective: A serious problem or situation is bad and makes people worry adjective nghiêm trọng                  
service noun: help that you get in a place such as a shop, restaurant, or hotel noun dịch vụ                  
several pronoun: some, but not a lot pronoun một số                  
shape noun: the physical form of something made by the line around its outer edge noun hình dạng                  
sharp adjective: having a very thin or pointed edge that can cut things adjective nhọn                  
shift noun: a change in something noun sự thay đổi                  
shine verb: to produce bright light verb tỏa sáng                  
shipment noun: an amount of goods sent from one place to another, especially by ship noun vận chuyển                  
shipping noun: ships considered as a group noun Đang chuyển hàng                  
shortage noun: a situation in which there is not enough of something noun sự thiếu                  
shuttle noun: a bus, train, plane etc that travels regularly between two places, usually a short distance noun đưa đón                  
sightseeing noun: the activity of visiting places that are interesting because they are historical, famous, etc noun tham quan                  
significant adjective: important or noticeable adjective có ý nghĩa                  
simplify verb: to make something less complicated or easier to do or to understand verb đơn giản hóa                  
situation noun: the set of things that are happening and the conditions that exist at a particular time and place noun tình hình                  
slump verb: If a price, value, or amount slumps, it goes down suddenly verb sụt giảm                  
software noun: programs that you use to make a computer do different things noun phần mềm                  
solar adjective: relating to, or involving, the sun adjective hệ mặt trời                  
spacious adjective: large and with a lot of space adjective rộng rãi                  
spare part noun: an extra piece that can be used to replace a piece that breaks, esp. in a machine noun phụ tùng                  
spare time noun: time when you are not working or do not have anything you must do noun thời gian rảnh                  
specialize verb: to spend most of your time studying one particular subject or doing one type of business verb chuyên môn hóa                  
specialty noun: a product that is extremely good in a particular place noun chuyên môn                  
specification noun: a detailed description of how something should be done, made, etc noun đặc điểm kỹ thuật                  
specify verb: to say or describe something in a detailed way verb chỉ định                  
spectator noun: someone who watches an event, sport, etc noun khán giả                  
stable adjective: not likely to change or end suddenly adjective ổn định                  
stadium noun: a large, open area with seats around it, used for playing and watching sports noun sân vận động                  
staff noun: the people who work for an organization noun cán bộ                  
stapler noun: a piece of equipment used for putting staples through paper noun đinh kẹp                  
stare verb: to look at someone or something for a long time and not move your eyes verb điều kiện                  
starter noun: something that you eat as the first part of a meal noun bắt đầu                  
stationery noun: things that you use for writing, such as pens and paper noun văn phòng phẩm                  
steep adjective: A steep slope, hill, etc goes up or down very quickly adjective dốc                  
stock noun: all the goods that are available in a shop noun cổ phần                  
strategic adjective: helping to achieve a plan, usually in business or politics adjective chiến lược                  
strategy noun: a plan that you use to achieve something noun chiến lược                  
streamline verb: to make an organization or process simpler and more effective verb sắp xếp hợp lý                  
strike verb: to hit someone or something verb đình công                  
studio noun: a room where an artist or photographer works noun studio                  
submit verb: to send a document, plan, etc to someone so that they can consider it verb Gửi đi                  
subscribe verb: to pay money to an organization so that you regularly receive a service or product, such as a magazine or newspaper verb đăng ký                  
subscription noun: an amount of money that you pay regularly to receive a product or service or to be a member of an organization noun đăng ký                  
subsidiary noun: a company that is owned by another larger company noun chi nhánh                  
suggest verb: to express an idea or plan for someone to consider verb đề nghị                  
suggestion noun: an idea or plan that someone suggests noun gợi ý                  
suit noun: a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt that are made from the same material noun bộ đồ                  
suitability noun: the degree to which someone or something is suitable for a particular job or purpose noun sự phù hợp                  
suitable adjective: acceptable or right for someone or something adjective thích hợp                  
supervise verb: to watch a person or activity and make certain that everything is done correctly, safely, etc verb giám sát                  
supervision noun: the activity of supervising someone or something noun giám sát                  
supplier noun: someone who provides things that people want or need, often over a long period of time noun nhà cung cấp                  
supply verb: to provide things that people want or need, often over a long period of time verb cung cấp                  
support verb: to agree with an idea, group, or person verb ủng hộ                  
supporter noun: someone who supports a particular idea, group, or person noun người ủng hộ                  
surrounding noun: An outlying area; area in proximity to something noun xung quanh                  
suspicious adjective: making you feel that something is wrong or that something bad or illegal is happening adjective nghi ngờ                  
switchboard noun: a piece of equipment that is used to direct all the telephone calls made from and to a building noun Tổng đài                  
systematic adjective: done using a fixed and organized plan adjective có hệ thống                  
takeover noun: a situation in which a company gets control of another company noun tiếp nhận                  
target noun: something or someone that you attack, shoot at, try to hit, etc noun Mục tiêu                  
tax noun: money that you have to pay to the government from what you earn or when you buy things noun Thuế                  
technical adjective: relating to the knowledge, machines, or methods used in science and industry adjective kỹ thuật                  
technician noun: someone whose job involves practical work with scientific or electrical equipment noun kỹ thuật viên                  
temporary adjective: existing or happening for only a short or limited time adjective tạm thời                  
tenant noun: someone who pays rent to live in a room, house, etc noun người thuê nhà                  
terminate verb: If something terminates, it ends, and if you terminate something, you make it end verb chấm dứt                  
terrible adjective: very bad, of low quality, or unpleasant adjective khủng khiếp                  
terrific adjective: excellent adjective khủng khiếp                  
theoretical adjective: based on the ideas that relate to a subject, not the practical uses of that subject adjective lý thuyết                  
theory noun: an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain something noun học thuyết                  
thorough adjective: careful and covering every detail adjective triệt để                  
tidy adjective: having everything in the right place and arranged in a good order adjective gọn gàng                  
tip noun: the end of something long and narrow noun tiền boa                  
tour noun: a visit to and around a place, area, or country noun chuyến du lịch                  
tourism noun: the business of providing services for tourists, including organizing their travel, hotels, entertainment, etc noun du lịch                  
tourist noun: someone who visits a place for pleasure and does not live there noun du lịch                  
towel noun: a soft piece of cloth or paper that you use for drying yourself or for drying something noun khăn tắm                  
tower noun: a very tall, narrow building, or part of a building noun Tháp                  
track noun: a narrow path or road noun theo dõi                  
trade noun: the buying and selling of large numbers of goods or services, especially between countries noun buôn bán                  
tradition noun: a custom or way of behaving that has continued for a long time in a group of people or a society noun truyền thống                  
traffic noun: the cars, trucks, etc using a road noun giao thông                  
training noun: the process of learning the skills you need to do a particular job or activity noun đào tạo                  
transfer verb: to move someone or something from one place to another verb chuyển khoản                  
transform verb: to change something completely, usually to improve it verb biến đổi                  
transformation noun: a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved noun chuyển đổi                  
transit noun: the movement of goods or people from one place to another noun quá cảnh                  
transportation noun: a vehicle or system of vehicles, such as buses, trains, etc for getting from one place to another noun vận chuyển                  
tremendous adjective: extremely good adjective to lớn                  
trend noun: a general development or change in a situation noun khuynh hướng                  
trial noun: a legal process to decide if someone is guilty of a crime noun thử nghiệm                  
triumph noun: an important success, achievement, or victory noun triumph                  
trust verb: to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you verb Lòng tin                  
turnover noun: how much money a business earns in a period of time noun doanh số                  
unconditional adjective: done or given without any limits and without asking for anything for yourself adjective vô điều kiện                  
understand verb: to know the meaning of something that someone says verb hiểu không                  
unfavorable adjective: having or showing a negative opinion adjective không thuận lợi                  
unfortunately adverb: used to say that you wish something was not true or that something had not happened adverb không may                  
uniform noun: a special set of clothes that are worn by people who do a particular job or people who go to a particular school noun đồng phục                  
unspoiled adjective: An unspoiled place is beautiful because it has not been changed or damaged by people adjective không hư hỏng                  
unwrap verb: to remove the paper, cloth, etc that is covering something verb dỡ bỏ                  
upcoming adjective: An upcoming event will happen soon adjective sắp tới                  
update verb: to add new information verb cập nhật                  
upgrade verb: to improve something so that it is of a higher quality or a newer model verb nâng cấp                  
upset adjective: unhappy or worried because something unpleasant has happened adjective buồn bã                  
upstairs adverb: on or to a higher level of a building adverb tầng trên                  
utility bill noun: The amount a household or office is expected to pay for electricity, water and/or gas each month. Utility bills vary according to one's usage. noun hóa đơn điện nước                  
vacancy noun: a room that is not being used in a hotel noun vị trí tuyển dụng                  
vacant adjective: Somewhere that is vacant is available because it is not being used adjective bỏ trống                  
vacation noun: a period of time when you are not at home but are staying somewhere else for enjoyment noun kỳ nghỉ                  
vaccination noun: the act or practice of vaccinating; inoculation with vaccine. noun chủng ngừa                  
valuables noun: small things that you own which could be sold for a lot of money noun đồ có giá trị                  
varied adjective: consisting of many different types of things adjective đa dạng                  
variety noun: many different types of things or people noun đa dạng                  
various adjective: many different adjective nhiều                  
vendor noun: someone who sells something outside noun nhà cung cấp                  
venture noun: a new activity that may not be successful noun liên doanh                  
venue noun: a place where a sports game, musical performance, or special event happens noun địa điểm                  
virus noun: an infectious organism too small to be seen that causes disease, or an illness that it causes noun virus                  
vital adjective: necessary adjective quan trọng                  
wage noun: the amount of money a person regularly receives for their job noun tiền lương                  
walkway noun: a passage or path, especially one that is covered or raised above the ground noun đi bộ                  
warehouse noun: a large building for storing goods that are going to be sold noun Kho                  
warn verb: to tell someone that something bad may happen in the future, so that they can prevent it verb cảnh báo                  
warning noun: something that tells or shows you that something bad may happen noun cảnh báo                  
warrant noun: an official document that allows someone to do something, for example that allows a police officer to search a building noun bảo đảm                  
warranty noun: a written promise made by a company to change or repair one of its products if it has a fault noun sự bảo đảm                  
wastage noun: the fact of wasting something noun lãng phí                  
waterproof adjective: Waterproof material or clothing does not let water through adjective không thấm nước                  
wealth noun: a large amount of money or valuable possessions that someone has noun sự giàu có                  
website noun: an area on the Inernet where information about a particular subject, organization, etc can be found noun trang mạng                  
weight noun: how heavy someone or something is noun cân nặng                  
welfare noun: Someone's welfare is their health and happiness noun phúc lợi                  
wholesale adjective: relating to products that are sold in large amounts, usually at a cheaper price adjective bán sỉ                  
win verb: to get the most points in a competition or game, or the most votes in an election verb thắng lợi                  
withdraw verb: to take money out of a bank account verb thu hồi                  
withdrawal noun: the act of taking money out of a bank account noun thu hồi                  
workplace noun: the place where you work noun nơi làm việc                  
workshop noun: an event at which a group of people meet to learn more about something by discussing it and doing practical exercises noun xưởng                  
worth adjective: to have a particular value, especially in money adjective giá trị                  
worthless adjective: not important or useful adjective vô giá trị                  
wrap verb: to cover something or someone with paper, cloth, etc verb bọc                  
X-ray noun: a type of radiation that can go through many solid substances, allowing hidden objects such as bones and organs in the body to be photographed noun tia X                  
yearly adjective: happening once a year or every year adjective hàng năm                  
yield verb: to produce or provide something verb năng suất                  
youth noun: a young man noun thiếu niên                  
zero noun: the number 0 noun số không                  
zone noun: an area where a particular thing happens noun vùng